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Re: I like it so far...
Date: 6/4/13 2:52 pm
In Response To: Re: I like it so far... (snakegriffin)

: Balancing the precision weapons was not my point. By "same" I mean
: balanced, they are clearly different. I consider them balanced pretty
: nicely now. I just think it didn't change anything, especially on BTB. It
: is still a mess of zero map movement due to the fact that precision
: weapons rule the gameplay. You spawn, find a target somewhere far away (if
: you haven't already been found), and repeat. Unless you're in a vehicle. I
: simply don't find that fun. If it were up to me, precision weapons would
: be pickups on BTB. Unless of course you wanted to play Pro.

: Overall, I think it's an improvement, although I will likely need to stay
: away from BTB. The handful of games I played were just not fun.

Thanks for clearing that up.
Precision weapons (as we both stated) still rule the maps. And that is sad. I literally saw a player spawn in front of me (facing me) from across the map and he took me out easily because he had the DMR. It sucks. But it's clear to me now that 343i is not going to really fix the DMR. But at least other weapons can counter it much easier from a distance now. Why does the Magnum have a scope? It doesn't need one.

I played BTB Slayer a good bit yesterday and it felt good. Not perfect, but much better then before. Want to hear some good news? CTF is actually fun now. I spent most of my time playing it yesterday then anything else. Even with the terrible spawns I found it fun to play.

I suggest having a loadout dedicated for unlimted sprint. I include Camo and Awareness with it so I can reach power weapons faster and hide with them. Promethean Vision pretty much destroys the hiding aspect but it helps a great deal. It also helps in touching flags to reset the counter much easier. I die a lot being the "Official Flag Toucher" but it helps win games.

At the start of a map I would go for the Sniper. If I don't get it then I immediately sprint for the flag. I pick points to stop and go into Camo to access the situation and then sprint for the flag when I have a opening. Camo also helps confuse the enemy if they approach. They know you are there, sure. But the moment you have to run you can. And because they tend not to have Infinite Sprint on, you can usually get away. Just don't sprint in a straight line and pass around cover. They may call to their team that you are headed in a certain direction but oddly enough no one ever seems to expect the Sprint perk. This allow you to get the drop on them faster then they expected or allows you to flank them. Tossing a nade in the opposite direction to distract them as you run by helps as well. I don't care about my K/D anymore in Halo4. It's already ruined. I much rather help my team get the power weapons or the flag caps. If I die, I die. The sprint perk and suicide flag touching helped my random teams win over ten CTF games yesterday. ^_^

Precision weapons as pick ups only? Yes Please!?!

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