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Re: Video design tips article additional tips
Date: 5/29/13 8:26 pm

: Good article. Good tips.


: No one asked me, but I have an over-inflated opinion of myself* so I'm going
: to offer some of my own tips too:

Most welcome.

: In the Transitions sections Rockslider
: mentions using a cross-dissolve (otherwise known as a cross-fade).
: Personally I don't really like these as it can look pretty bad with game
: footage (high contrast and busy scenes). I find it more elegant to fade
: through black if you don't want to do a hard cut. I often use fades
: through black with a total time of about 0.6-0.8s.

You mean, the first clip fades to black, then the black fades to the next clip? I've just checked in iMovie, and there it's called 'fade to black' - which doesn't seem as good as your term. Anyway, I tried it with the duration range you mentioned, and I have to say, it struck me as being rather jarring. In regard to cross dissolves, I did mention that I'd use a short duration like 0.4 seconds - because of the sort of reasons you mentioned.

: With regards music fades on cuts, you don't have to fade the music at the
: exact same time and speed as the footage. I often have the music begin to
: fade out a second or more in advance of the footage beginning to change.

You are talking about the in-game soundtrack aren't you? I'm actually not sure if iMovie will let me fade out the soundtrack separately like that. But otherwise it sounds like a potentially useful tip.

: Speed changes are best when the footage is fairly steady
: moving-through-space. i.e. a Warthog ride or a jog somewhere. You speed it
: up to preserve the continuous flow of the footage, to show 'every step of
: the way' and ensure that people know where you've gone in the game-world
: without having to show it in real time.

But don't you think it's more elegant to take the approach I recommended, of using intelligent cutting? Showing a long journey speeded up is not just hard on the eyes (I'd probably just look away or try and jump the movie ahead), it's also kind of crude wouldn't you say?

: Captions wise, people read descriptions at a shockingly low rate. The video
: needs to speak for itself. Either with on-screen text or literally.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by that last bit. When you say "literally", I'm not sure if you're talking about voice work or about the imagery being enough to make things clear.

: Sometimes people disable features like captions wholesale due to others
: misusing them, so only make such content additive and not essential.

In regard to people disabling captions such as provided by YouTube annotation, I don't think the video maker should feel obliged to take any account of that. Even if the viewer doesn't get automatically warned that the video has annotation, it's reasonable to expect them to glance at the video description, where (hopefully) it would be mentioned that the video has annotation.

: Voice-overs are also an easy way to add a signature/watermark to your work.
: Opening/closing logos can be edited out, corner logos can be blurred,
: cropped or edited over. But your voice embedded in the audio stream makes
: it pretty obvious who made it. That can't be removed easily without
: removing the audio entirely - which can ruin the video.

Evidently you're talking about the issue of discouraging other folk from re-using part or all of your video in an underhand way, which I didn't even think to cover in my article. I've never really thought about it.

: Occasionally I've had issues keeping my accent consistent when delivering a
: voice over

Huh? Can you give me an example of a typical inconsistency you have to guard against?

: You can do it fast and awesome to get the
: 'wow' factor, but then consider doing it again at a slower pace or more of
: a step-by-step for the sake of the tutorial.

Yeah that sounds good. Conceivably you could even do that using Theater mode, using the exact same bit of gameplay but viewing it differently and perhaps slowing or freezing the view at certain points, while explaining stuff.

: Opening and Closing

: With editing, try to hook them early . If you're showing off a trick for
: example, try showing the trick or the cool result from it up-front. To
: pique their interest. To get them going 'how did you do that!?' THEN you
: show them how.

That's certainly an idea worth mentioning, but on the negative side it's a bit like delivering the punchline of a joke in advance. I personally wouldn't worry about potentially losing some casual viewers who don't care to watch build-up material, but the teaser approach is definitely something I might use in special cases.

: And no-one gives a damn
: that 4 different clans with their own 15 second intro movie participated
: in this 3 minute video

15 second intro movies? Yeah, that pretty much meshes with my past impression of 'clans'. Too damn pleased with themselves by half; and when I tried talking to them about their vids, did they even bother to reply? Hell no. Oops, I may be wandering off-topic there.

: Common mistakes are being too whiney and
: demanding with requests to subscribe, check out other videos or to share
: and 'like.'

Yeah, I really don't like being asked to click 'like'. I seem to recall a period when I got so irritated with that, I adopted the policy of automatically clicking 'dislike' instead. Mean huh?

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