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Re: H4 join in progress
Date: 5/15/13 12:49 am
In Response To: Re: H4 join in progress (Revenant1988)

: See, I think Having JIP enabled for the entire game or having it off the
: entire game ARE the extremes of that spectrum, and having it on to mid
: game IS the middle ground.

I really like Stephen's suggestion, but I don't think it's do-able in H4. :(

: I don't agree that JIP in Halo 4 is/was poorly implemented and I don't see
: how its any different from JIP in any other game such as Call of Duty. I
: remember plenty of times playing CoD where I'd be dropped into a game that
: was about to end or was already over and thinking what bullshit it was.
: Even in team games with randoms (Halo OR CoD) if a player JIPs and then
: sees its an un-winnable or pointless scenario they drop out again anyway.

CoD's join in progress sucks. It isn't any different, and that's the problem. Well, it's a bit better now that they've put in the half way mark bit, but I think they could still do better.

: I really don't care to be that one guy on a team that stays while a revolving
: door of other players join my game, see that my teams fucked, and then
: drop out.

Yeah no kidding there. Things go really well when you go in with a party. When I've gone in alone to see how it all turns out, damn. I feel like in H2 and H3 and I could go into Matchmaking alone and do just fine with randoms, even if one or two quit, and still even win a game. There's something about Reach and H4 where that doesn't work too well for me.

: Again, no need to get defensive, I see and sympathize with your frustration.
: I think deep down that what the root of the problem is, is people quitting
: period. There still isn't a system in place that punishes quitters fairly
: while sparing people with bad connections (who should be rethinking if its
: a good idea to play anyway IMO).

I was being defensive? :P

: Maybe someday there will be a system in place for MM where it can tell if
: someone disconnects accidentally or on purpose and decides to drop another
: player in, IDK.

: I don't think the system is ever going to be perfect and its not unique to
: Halo by a long shot.

Stephen's idea is unbelievable. Could you imagine that in a game like Call of Duty or in a future Halo? I'm just worried that as soon as people saw it was a join in progress game that they'd back away from it immediately. :(

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