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Re: H4 join in progress
Date: 5/13/13 9:34 pm
In Response To: Re: H4 join in progress (Revenant1988)

: This is correct. A system exactly like this was implemented.

: This was a hot point of discussion a few months ago and public opinion was
: overwhelmingly in the other camp from what you are proposing.

: It actually WAS how you described it before, JIP working until the game was
: over. That led to frustration from players being dropped into a game with
: only a few points left or with no chance to win (example, being dropped
: into a game where the score is 80-90 or more lopsided say 40-90). By the
: time the JIP player spawns its already over. That had happened to me
: multiple times an I found it very frustrating.

: Apparently enough players also felt the same way because 343 refined JIP to
: only take players to a certain threshold, and it is a combination of
: score/time. The Hardcore competitive playlists have JIP disabled if I'm
: not mistaken, so just like the old days when a teammate quits it is what
: it is.

: When you say "getting someone in there can be the difference between a
: win or a

: I'd have to disagree for the most part because you are assuming that
: 'someone' is going to be a player with the necessary skills to tip the
: game in your favor again, or someone who will asses the situation and know
: exactly what the plan is or something and that just seems very unlikely to
: me.

: I see what you're saying- but in your case it seems like that problem could
: be alleviated by playing with a party rather than randoms.

Actually I was just suggested something positive for once. The simple fact is that even if you go in with a party, internet connections drop and random things happen that might make it really beneficial to get someone in there to help you out, or at least an extra DMR/BR to delay or wound some people. When I say one extreme to another, I feel like before you could join in progress regardless of time left, score, or anything. There's a slot open? You're in. Now it's more like, well, half way is done, so let's close it up even if it's close and even if there's plenty of time left.

I feel like join in progress was poorly implemented from the start, mostly because of what you described where you'd get dropped into a game where you're being crushed or where it's about to end and there's no chance of coming back. I was more proposing something that could detect that maybe the game has reached a half way point AND is within a kill or two, a single flag cap, or completely tied. I'm thinking more on a CTF level about how disappointing it could be to have the game tied up, have the match go on for another 5 minutes, and maybe one or two of your buddies (or randoms) dropped. You may end up losing just based on numbers. Sad time. But oh well, hopefully this newer way works out.

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