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I'll call it a success
Date: 5/3/13 9:38 am
In Response To: Reminder, tonight (Revenant1988)

Got in a couple of games with 5 people and one AI.

First game on Fort Deen consisted of teams



Schooly D
Heroic Normal AI guy

Bones wanted to rush in guns blazing with scorpions while I was more content to play with my food err I mean let them get used to the controls again. A bajillion of Chewies ODSTs and my many locusts later we had secured victory. To be fair, I made a mistake and gave them an AI player that was sub par at best (oops!).

Chewie overwhelmed pixelfox with marine corpses. Schooly continued to harass my base with his many hornets while I snuck in behind Schooly and the AI with my Arbiter and hot dropped a bunch of locusts to their bases and melted them them.

Oh yeah bones did stuff too like complain that I wasn't doing anything lol

Game two on Frozen Valley

Schooly D
Pixel Fox


Heroic AI (for real this time)

I started out by the reactor hook and began my expansion. Schooly attempted an early hog rush on be but had difficulty micro managing his units due to latency and was thwarted by my immobile base turrets.

After scouting the enemy I saw they were going air (hornets) was able to steal their reactor briefly to tech up my anti-air (wolverines) while chewie continued to crank out ODSTs and our AI friend stared at butterflies the whole game until he was defeated by Pixelfoxe's many many gauss hogs.

I was able to fight him off once but could not for long as Bones was determined to beat my by any means necessary by continually harassing my base.

I think my favorite moment of the game went a little like this:

Bones: "Schooly, move your hawks over here and take out his vehicle pads"
Schooly: "ok"
Bones: "OH SHIT hes got wolverines abort! pull your guys back"
Schooly: "ok"
Bones: "I'll send in my tanks and clear them ou- OWIE OWIE OWIE cobras, run away!"

Didn't last long though. Eventually it became a me vs two battle with Boner and Schooly while pixel fox destroyed our AI.

Another funny moment I recall was

Bones: "Fox, what are you making, lets see.... DUDE, you don't need 5 bases, go attack tan's shit bro."


Pixel fox: "Ok I'm gonna go attack red now"
Chewie; "GUYS, I think they're gonna attack me now"

By the end of the game Chewie and I died about the same time, Schooly pushing back my front line while bones attacked from behind (as he is prone to do). At least Schooly was able to cryo bomb bones a couple of times for me :P


I had fun, hope you guys did too. Would like to do it again soon!

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