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Re: A favor.
By:Stephen L. (SoundEffect)
Date: 4/23/13 9:19 pm
In Response To: Re: A favor. (Grimmire)

: Sad but so true, oh how fragile life is when taken out of the environment it
: evolved in and adapted too. Just to travel to exotic lands and/or mingle
: with foreign people forgoing the aid of modern medicine and a person can
: succumb to deathly disease, or be death itself to the local populace(poor
: Mayans...). Now imagine a being on a different planet where not only has
: evolution progressed in a different manner, but life may not even be
: carbon based(I think around 5 types of lifeforms with a different basis
: has been discovered, such as insane group being arsenic based, could be
: wrong... pulling memory from science shows I watched as a kid.)

: However, I feel safe assuming that by the time we can colonize other planets
: we'd have developed some sort of super immune system, whether by forced
: genetic enhancement, some sort of nano tech, or some super antibiotic.

: I've always wondered what it'd be like to be able to say, "ya, the fam
: and I are just goin to Glaagoonion to visit the in-laws for Christmas
: break, the 3 moons are supposed to be somethin else"
: I'll put all my eggs in the time machine basket I guess.

The arsenic thing was misinformation. It was reported before it had been fully investigated and was debunked as not the case. Carbon-based life is likely the most probable in the universe. Carbon is the most chemically active element in existence capable of more combinations of molecules than combining all possible combinations of molecules of all other elements.

Also we as human beings are made of the most abundant stuff in the universe. The periodic table of the elements is not just a table of complexity, but starting with hydrogen and working through the table is also a record of the abundances of other elements in the universe. We're composed of the most common elements nature has to provide (except chemically-inert helium) in the same 1:1 ratio as the universe's abundances of elements.

As far as space travel to the stars and far-flung colonization goes, I'd say it's more likely that biology is the beginning of intelligent life and that we'll be something technological in the far distant future, shedding the biological ancestry.

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