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Re: New star system discovered
By:Stephen L. (SoundEffect)
Date: 4/23/13 5:37 pm
In Response To: New star system discovered (Stephen L. (SoundEffect))

: This is a tease because it won't contain any real into (yet) but I was
: excited so had to share it.

: In a lot of my spare time I do all manner of Halo things. Some end up as
: graphics here and sometimes I just gather into with which to make a new
: article. Last night it was some astronomy.

: The Haloverse takes place in our galaxy with the reals stars of our nighttime
: sky. In the past we've been told of several star systems and the human,
: Forerunner, or Covenant colonies that fictionally exist there.

: There's been a recent trend to not name systems after real stars and I
: imagine it's to keep 343i from having to define too much and potentially
: paint themselves in a corner. Things like the CAMS academy on Circinius IV
: which sounds astronomical, but is a made up place.

: But that doesn't stop me from trying to figure out what I can using some
: knowledge of astronomy and tidbits found in the Halo novels, games, and
: comics.

: Last night I figured out what real star system the colonies of New Jerusalem
: and Cygnus must be in. I'm going to do some further cross-checking tonight
: to make sure there are no other possibilities, but I'm about 90% sure I
: have the right star. If so, I may also be ale to nail down the star system
: that the colony Biko is a part of.

: It's a small, mostly insignificant detail, but if puzzle pieces are dropped
: enough to make a picture, I love the challenge of assembling it. :)

OK, made my confirmations.

The Cygnus star system which is home to the outer colonies of New Jerusalem and Cygnus is the star Gliese 777. Further, it is highly likely that the star around which the colony of Biko exists is the star HD 174080.

In the Definitive Edition of First Strike, there's a short story at the back called "Tug O' War". It is explicitly stated within some stellar distances that can be calculated:

"Biko is located roughly twenty-four light-years from Cygnus and it's about fifty-eight light-years from Tribute. From point to point to point the total trip would be well over a month in length."

Since it says "point to point to point" we're informed Biko to Cygnus is about 24 light-years and Cygnus to Tribute is about 58 light-years.

Tribute is in a fictionally known system, home also to the planet Reach: Epsilon Eridani.

I also made the logical assumption that since Cygnus is an entire region of stars as viewed from Earth (called a constellation), that what the UNSC would call the 'Cygnus system' would be a star within that constellation.

Using star charts, I figured out the only star within Cygnus that fits the distance parameter is Gliese 777 at 56.9 light-years. (Close enough to 58 I suppose since most other stars in Cygnus are MUCH farther away in reality).

Since there were no other contenders even in the ballpark, I think based on factual evidence, we can conclude that Gliese 777 can also be known as the Cygnus System. These colonies are where Chyler from the Forward Unto Dawn movie is from as well as Jilan Al-Cygni from Contact Harvest.

Since Gliese 777 became a known quantity, I tried to find a star from that starting point measuring out 24 light-years and found at 24.15 a star called HD 174080. This can be the colony of Biko, so now we know where Spartan-III Carter is from. In this case, there are a couple of stars that are just under or just over the 24 light-year mark, but HD 174080 is the best match. (It's in the constellation Aquila, by the way.)

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