• To Be Precise - 1200 XP

    Get 60 kills with a Precision Loadout Weapon.

  • Raise the Flag - 1800 XP

    Win 3 matchmaking Capture the Flag matches.

  • Prediction: Pain - 4600 XP

    Complete any Campaign Mission on Heroic or higher difficulty with the Famine, Luck and Thunderstorm skulls.

  • Reclamation - 4400 XP

    Complete Reclaimer on Legendary difficulty with the Mythic, Tilt, Tough Luck and Thunderstorm skulls.

  • I am the 99 Percent - 5500 XP

    Kill 50 Elites.

  • Knightmare - 4000 XP

    Kill 40 Knights.

  • We are the Champions - 4500 XP

    Win 15 matchmaking Slayer matches.

  • Your Majesty - 4800 XP

    Win 12 matchmaking Regicide matches.

  • Spartan Takedown - 22000 XP

    Kill 1500 Players.
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Halo 4 place holder cut scene transcript found
Date: 4/19/13 12:53 pm

Well...this is interesting. looks like 343i had more planned out for this cut scene:

Check out the data pad found in the games data with an in-tact conversation terminal, much like Reachs:

Trans script is below:


Forced this temporary cut scene terminal to spawn and viewed its contents that suggest a cooler cut scene than what we got. -LordZedd


"INT. DOMAIN CHAMBER - Something is obviously wrong as soon as the Chief enters the light pillar. The image of Cortana is gone.


The beam itself begins to PULSATE, like the light is ACCELERATING With a sudden SURGE. The stream LIFTS him off the ground! Before the quick movement is even finished-- SMASH TO WHITE: IN WHITE, WE HEAR LIBRARIAN CHIME, WHICH TURNS TO A VOICE:

LIBRARIAN: (VO) Your ancilla is safe. Use of your neural link is required for this simulation, and so separating you was a regrettable necessity.

LIBRARIAN: (VO) Attend, human. This union will be apparent to the Didact. We must be brief.

MASTER CHIEF: Identify yourself.

LIBRARIAN: I was the Librarian, but my death was confirmed 100,000 before our meeting. This mindstate was preserved to assist the Forerunners' heirs. Sadly, my attempts to alert you to the Didact's threat were undone.

MASTER CHIEF: What do you want with me?

LIBRARIAN: The Didact is leaving Requiem. Soon. You must not allow it.

MASTER CHIEF: Assuming I trust you any more than I trust him - why not?

Without warning, the Librarian and the environment PHASE OUT--

EXT. HALO RING - DAY -- IMMEDIATELY rephasing into a collection of FORERUNNER STRUCTURES amid the green hills of a HALO.The ARCH of the ring rises above them. LIVING FORERUNNERS of different shapes and sizes go about their business around the buildings. Sentinels and monitors pass through the air. The Librarian directs Chief's attention to a CENTRAL, A-shaped building.

LIBRARIAN: One of our more controversial creations, the Composer. It bridged the gap between the organic and digital realms. We believed it would allow us to move perpetually between the two states. Making us, in effect, immortal.

MASTER CHIEF: If you're only a recording, it obviously didn't work.

LIBRARIAN: For a time, it seemed to.

INT. FORERUNNER WARSHIP - The Librarian and the Chief stand on the bridge of a FORERUNNER WARSHIP. We follow their gaze - EARTH is visible on the viewscreen.

LIBRARIAN: But as its results soured and our hopes evaporated, the Didact twisted the Composer's failings towards opportunity.
...And revenge.

MASTER CHIEF: Earth? Is that why he attacked us?

She RAISES AN ARM and a HOLOGRAM of a HUMAN WARRIOR IN ARMOR appears posed before them. Reminiscent of the Knights.

LIBRARIAN: The humans of my era could have rendered the Halos unnecessary, but did not. He blames you for the death of the galaxy.

MASTER CHIEF: The Prometheans. He used it on them. They're the humans from your time.

The Didact's ship REVERTS to... INT. LIBRARIAN'S GARDEN -

LIBRARIAN: We hid the Composer from him because we knew he would turn it on humanity again should he find liberation. That day is upon us. He is too clever not to locate it, so you must prepare for the eventuality that this burden will fall to you.

MASTER CHIEF: How do we stop him?

LIBRARIAN: Not we. You, Reclaimer. When I indexed humanity for re-population, I buried a seed within select --

Without warning, the Librarian's Garden SHUDDERS, DIGITALLY BREAKING UP!

A HOLE rips in the fabric of the air - DIDACT FLOATS THROUGH.

DIDACT: Even in death, her meddling continues!

He WAVES his arm and ENERGY SURGES towards the Librarian! She STRUGGLES TO ENACTS a FORCE FIELD around herself and Chief.

DIDACT: This arrogance cannot be their shield forever!

Librarian desperately holds back the Didact. But just barely.

LIBRARIAN: (VO) (shouting, to Chief) The Composer is flawed! Your genesong contains a natural immunity, but it must be unlocked!


LIBRARIAN: (VO) Your evolutionary journey must be accelerated!

DIDACT: Relent, essence!

MASTER CHIEF: Can I defeat the Didact without it?


MASTER CHIEF: Then do it.

*She nods.*

LIBRARIAN: (VO) Prepare.

INT. DOMAIN CHAMBER - The Chief is still HOVERING in the TURBULENT LIGHT BEAM as we left him. The beam BRIGHTENS, casting the Chief in SILHOUETTE against the dark room. BRIGHTER STRANDS OF LIGHT WRAPS itself around the, the EDGES of his armor...The light FLOWS UNDERNEATH the hardware, WASHING OVER HIM LIKE A LIQUID. His body flexes - wrenched taut by unseen strings.

LIBRARIAN: (VO) This gift is your birthright, Reclaimer! It will lead humanity to its new mantle... ARRGH!

The beam of light EXTINGUISHES suddenly as the Librarian goes silent. The Chief SLAMS DOWN HARD to the ground."


Sounded allot fucking cooler then what we got, like allot of this fucking game was supposed to be.

Wait..."HUMAN WARRIOR IN ARMOR appears posed before them. Reminiscent of the Knights"?!


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