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Legendary Map coming from me!
Date: 3/26/13 1:32 am
In Response To: Forge Island: New Forge canvas coming to Halo 4 (pete_the_duck)

The moment I head the words "Forge Islands" I got excited. Then my heart sank when I remembered the islands from Forge World. Awesome plots of land for forging but way too much geometry in the way.
Then I saw the screenshots and I wet myself in glee. Just a little. Then I saw the video fly-through and wet myself in glee again. FINALLY!! A plot of Forging land that I've been asking for for years! Well technically I've been asking for a map shaped a particular way. But this is the next best thing!
You guys don't understand how excited this one map makes me. Well some of you might. I've been designing a MP map for years! Even before Forge was EVER released on consoles. I started designing this map with PC gamers first got Forge! I knew I'd never get to play it on the PC, but I didn't care. This map should have been made and released TEN YEARS AGO! Not by me but by Bungie and they should have designed it. I've begged them to make it in the forums here, on Bnet, and elsewhere. But no response ever came from Bungie about it. It just seems like a no brainer to me. Always has. So much so that I started to develop it low rez version in 3D before I even knew how to use 3D. Looking back at the 3D model, it looks like complete garbage, but the layout and idea is solid. Many seemed to like it. Sadly High Impact Halo (HIH) went away and the project ended.

I attempted to create the map in Halo Reach, but the terrain just wouldn't work with my vision. And I thought for sure my vision was dead. Until this news was released that is. Is it possible to make my vision? Don't know until I get my hands on this new Forge map. But I'm MUCH closer to it then ever before. And the fact that there are trait zones, safe zones, kill zones, and 3 different FLAT land masses to choose from has me getty as a little school girl of what might be.

Granted some improvements to my design over the years will have to be changed to fit the canvas, but that shouldn't be an issue. I have the layout down. Once done with it, I'm going to ask for everyone else's help in designing the bases, spawns, etc. It's a map I want every Halo Forger to have a part in. Even if it's a minor tweak here or there. I've already given a clue to what the map will look like and if you've followed me at all over the last 7 years or so, then chances are you've already seen a glimpse of my vision/hope. If not, then you'll have to wait for me to finish the base layout to see it. That or for someone else to "spill the beans" as it were.

I don't like that I'll have to deal with H4's terrible editing (zero micro management/adjustment). But I'll do my dangest to make due. I sure hope there are Very Large Stone pieces to play with instead of the tiny Sea Rocks all the time. Really believe there should be a SUPER rock that's a cross between the Sea Rock and the Arch Rock from Halo Reach. Not NOT A FULL ARCH! And it must be larger then a Coliseum Wall or two. Don't worry about adding a bunch of jagged cuts in it. I don't think any Forger even uses those cuts anyway. Keep the geometry simple to keep the poly count low. That was we CAN make cliffs and walls from stone. Thus remake Blood Gultch...maybe.

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Forge Island: New Forge canvas coming to Halo 4pete_the_duck3/22/13 5:59 pm
     Re: Forge Island: New Forge canvas coming to Halo DEEP NNN3/22/13 6:21 pm
     Re: Forge Island: New Forge canvas coming to Halo davidfuchs3/22/13 6:22 pm
     Excited! :D *NM*TDSpiral3/22/13 7:51 pm
     Re: Forge Island: New Forge canvas coming to Halo zoojoo3/22/13 10:15 pm
     Re: Forge Island: New Forge canvas coming to HaloGeneral Vagueness3/23/13 1:45 am
           But the Forge controls are still H4's. :'( *NM*SEspider3/23/13 4:24 am
           CAVE OUT 2 - RETURN OF THE NEEDLER *NM*Hyokin3/25/13 3:18 am
                 Re: NOpete_the_duck3/25/13 10:31 am
                       Re: NOHyokin3/25/13 2:41 pm
     Re: VIDEOpete_the_duck3/23/13 8:23 am
           Re: BETTER VIDEO (with ad)pete_the_duck3/23/13 8:30 am
                 Re: BETTER VIDEO (with ad)DEEP NNN3/23/13 9:44 am
                 The only problem with these maps...iForge3/23/13 9:57 am
                       Re: The only problem with these maps...pete_the_duck3/23/13 10:08 am
                             Re: The only problem with these maps...iForge3/23/13 11:38 am
                       Re: The only problem with these maps...Guttsu3/25/13 2:24 pm
                             Re: The only problem with these maps...PriorMarcus3/25/13 2:35 pm
                                   Re: The only problem with these maps...Hyokin3/25/13 2:40 pm
                                         Re: The only problem with these maps...RC Master3/25/13 2:52 pm
                                               Just stop... *NM*Hyokin3/25/13 3:23 pm
                                                     -and I had a hardlight joke all set up! *NM*Chewbaccawakka3/25/13 3:25 pm
                             Re: The only problem with these maps...DEEP NNN3/25/13 7:55 pm
                             Re: The only problem with these maps...Phoenix_92863/25/13 8:55 pm
     p.s. All Hail Vic Deleon and Kynan Pearson! *NM*pete_the_duck3/23/13 9:39 am
     GoodRC Master3/23/13 10:11 am
           Re: Gooddavidfuchs3/23/13 11:22 am
                 Re: Goodpete_the_duck3/23/13 11:27 am
                       Re: GoodAvateur3/23/13 1:44 pm
                             Re: Goodpete_the_duck3/23/13 8:22 pm
                                   Louis Wu makes Forge Maps???? *NM*SEspider3/26/13 12:28 am
                                   Re: Very much this.Hyokin3/27/13 12:37 am
           For Halo 5serpx3/23/13 1:42 pm
     Re: Forge Island: New Forge canvas coming to Halo General Vagueness3/25/13 8:13 pm
     Legendary Map coming from me!SEspider3/26/13 1:32 am

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