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Re: Woaf 117: A Bridge Too Short *VID*
By:The Woaf
Date: 10/3/15 6:02 am
In Response To: Re: Woaf 117: A Bridge Too Short *VID* (Rockslider)

: Not content with getting Barry mangled, you stole his AR too - maybe before
: it even hit the ground! I guess you clumsily pressed RB twice, thus
: getting the AR unintentionally. Are you in the habit of mashing RB or
: something?

Oh yes. And clutching the controler so hard I accidentally zoom in when stressed. And getting confused between my reload button and my flashlight activation button. Sometimes I also think reload is melee. Legendary difficulty mayaswell be called 'nope' for me.

: Of course, there was also some discontinuity going on (not that I'm worried).
: After the title, Barry was in a different location, and when you
: eventually dismounted, your AR was full and you had no frags, different
: from before. I guess your puzzlement over the pistol was during your
: first play, which you later rejected.

Erm... Do you read a lot of Sherlock Holmes? That's scarily accurate! Embarrisingly it was the confusion over the pistol that caused me to set up a new run as I thought I'd accidentally traded out my pistol for a needler while setting up. Then I clocked what happened with Barry. decided it was too good to lose and set up AGAIN with an AR. Sheesh my own idiocy makes these things a lot harder than they should be!

: Then to set up a new play, I'm
: guessing you splattered Barry with the hog to simulate his previous
: accident. But how come you didn't arrange to have your AR ammo and frag
: count the same as before?

To my shame... I just couldn't be arsed.

: Definitely a good thing to cut back on the pistol. But in this episode you
: used the AR too long it might be said. After killing a few Grunts to the
: side, there were plasma pistols and needlers available, and they make a
: great combination which I hope you'll keep in mind for the future. You can
: take down a Jackal shield with a plasma ball, then send in a stream of
: needles to get a good bang. I think it would be nice if Woaf 117 cottoned
: on to that tactic - and I'd welcome more needler use generally. It makes
: for a massively more entertaining kill (both visually and aurally) than
: boring old pistol fire or - worse - AR peppering from distance. If you're
: going to use the AR, let's be drilling them up close! That's when it's
: fun.

: Also I think he could do with more weapon switching, rather than having a
: tendency to keep plugging away with the same weapon, which is my
: impression over the episodes so far (is that fair?). Of course, we don't
: want to make him too sharp or he won't have so many problems! But still,
: it would make for more entertaining and varied action I think. And the
: whole game is based around the two-weapon system after all. Perhaps you
: could have a bit where he starts getting into combo work; and then after
: that we'd see it more often. Wouldn't mind seeing some stun and tag
: moves too!

Yeah mixing things up is in my notes for the future. I do want Woaf to figure out how to suck slightly less as he goes before screwing up again. I think he has some learning opportunities coming up soon!

: Actually, theoretically you still had a needler from early in part 9. I don't
: know what your secondary truly was though; we frustratingly never saw
: it. Was that deliberate for some reason?

The needler was still there. I just didn't think to switch to it. That first Elite would have had a shorter life if I'd remembered!

: By the way, the "take a number, form an orderly queue" line was
: another contender for funniest bit.

I'm quite proud of that line. Which makes me think I've almost definitely nicked it from somewhere with out realising. It wasn't on your site was it!?

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