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Re: Relax...
Date: 11/12/14 11:49 pm
In Response To: Re: Relax... (gamerguy2002)

: Why are people questioning this? Its going to get fixed no doubt. You guys
: really need to tone down the doom and gloom abit, yes we got a laundry
: list of issues that shouldn't have been there but 343i isn't the kind of
: developer to let it all just go by the wayside.

Tone down the doom and gloom a bit? I've been very, very reserved here. Go search for my posts during Halo 4. 343 is a fuck-up company, plain and simple. They'll fix some of this stuff eventually, I'm sure, but since you've asked so nicely for doom and gloom...!:

Was this thing ever tested? Big Team Battle advertised as 16 players, but you can only go in with 6. Other playlists only let you in with 4, but they're 5v5 playlists. Only Halo 4 allows you to actually go in with 5 people. If I win a game, all of a sudden I'm -1th. You can boot people from the other freaking team out of matchmaking games. Multiple Forge issues. You can't give party lead to someone else in Customs. In Matchmaking if you try to cancel the search and back out to the pre-search lobby with your group, you end up backing out permanently and needing to rejoin (thank god this doesn't happen in Customs). If you try to view other peoples' party details, your MCC freezes (not always, but most of the time after you have one successful view). I could seriously keep going and going. No joke. And I don't even have to touch server issues. But that'd be too easy.

And not the type of developer to let it all go by the wayside? Did you see how they split Reach matchmaking? Split the community right in two? Did you see them release a TU that actually fixed absolutely nothing in the game, thus making it a non-TU? And again, I'm not even going to touch H4 and all of the issues they let continue and just flat out stopped supporting and gave up on.

: The very fact alone that the Halo Channel is being effected by the MCC means
: that these issues are going to be ironed out quickly but its just right
: this second like everybody wants. I'm betting we will hear about a patch
: in the next few days or so.

Ah, the Halo Channel. Because why have Terminals in-game when you can have the app open up? Oh wait, you found a Terminal and need to download it for free? But it won't let you download it from within MCC? So you need to go to dashboard and do a manual search for the Halo Channel app, and then it downloads just fine? Because after H4 made you go to Waypoint for the Terminals, even though H1A didn't, why the hell not?

Again, I could keep going. It'd be way too easy, and the lists go on and on. But that's what GAF's for. I don't post there. I'm pretty sure that place is just ash now that it's all burned to the ground with rage. But like the Phoenix, it will continue to spit some ill fires, yo.

And to get back to your very original question, all of the above is why people are questioning this. All of the people who defend 343. All of the "it was their first game, they're listening, they've learned" that got thrown about. All of the bold ridiculous claims of "300,000 servers" as everything just falls flat. And I know the tone of this post is super serious omgmadmadmad, but I ain't even mad! At this point, this shit is so hilarious and predictable that it's not even disappointing. It's just one huge joke. Also for GV: lol

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