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This better be an armor permutation in Halo 5
Date: 8/27/14 7:39 am
In Response To: ODSV: Orbital Drop Shock Venom *IMGs* (Revenant1988)

: Awhile back I picked up a Sean Bradley ODST kit to work on. (If you've seen
: other ODST cosplays, chances are high you're seeing one of his kits-
: they're ubiquitous around places like the 405th and rightly so- they're
: damn fine kits.)

: For years I've had this idea sitting in my head about taking Venom (one of
: Spider-Man's villains\rivals\antagonists) and somehow incorporating his
: design onto an ODST. I even came up with an origin story from the two
: universes. I don't sit and think about stuff like that often, so when it
: dawned on me that I could call it my ODSV, I decided to bring this guy to
: life.

: I wanted to take the look of the Rookie from H3 and merge it with Venom from
: the McFarlane era. The goal was to achieve that 2D comic-book look of
: venom and apply it to a 3D surface. It was not easy. I spent months
: testing different paint combinations to get that
: not-totally-black-but-not-totally-blue look that venom has. Here's what
: I'm talking about, for the curious:

: Marvel vs Capcom Venom was also a huge part of my references, and also
: similar to that art style.


: Armed with these references and total disregard for my sanity, I've spent the
: last 8 months working on this cross-over in preparation for Dragon Con
: down in Atlanta (If you're going to be down there and see me, come by for
: a pic!).

: I know folks here are really more interested in the finished product, but if
: you want to see the build from start to finish, see my build thread on the
: 405th here:

: Or the imgur album here:

: Anyway, here's the goods:


: The tongue is detachable, depending on my mood.





: And a little costume for the plushie I picked up through this site, because
: why not? :)


: I'm very pleased with how it's turned out and would love to read your
: thoughts on the character. It's not meant to be taken seriously by any
: means, so if you don't like it or it's not your thing you won't hurt my
: feelings. Just something I wanted to try because I could ;)

: To the Artists of HBO, I'm really interested in commissioning some artwork
: of this character to hang in my game room or garage. If you're interested,
: please let me know!

: Thanks for looking :)

Seriously awesome stuff. Venom has always been one of my favorite Marvel characters, and to see him combined with my favorite fictional universe? Heck yeah!

I'm curious in seeing the origin story you cooked up for this guy.

Thanks for sharing.

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