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Re: Thank you Loftus
By:Stephen L. (SoundEffect)
Date: 6/29/14 11:05 am
In Response To: Re: Thank you Loftus (Postmortem)

: It never really occurred to me how BIG Requiem was (it never quite looked it
: to me, in any gameplay or cutscenes). Nor how small the Halo Wars shield
: world was. Number comprehension is not my strength, I'm a purely visual
: person.

: Also, seeing the Harvester next to the Scarabs definitely puts things in
: perspective. It's a little hard to get a sense of it when it's hanging at
: ground level with most of its bulk halfway down a cliff.

: Definitely a big thanks for this Loftus! As always, but this big update is
: very appreciated.

: Still waiting for that Halo Wars proto-Gravemind though. I think once that
: and Trevelyan are on here, everything I've wanted to see will be included.

I like to have feedback on what to include. The only objects I do not have direct access to are Halo Wars items, so that would be why I don't have things like the Covenant destroyer, or as you say, Flood forms, etc. The Halo Wars items in it now come from reference material I was provided when reviewing the first Visual Guide.

I did give serious thought to Trevelyan, but it's about the size of the Earth's orbit about the Sun. That's a giant structure to start making comparisons against, but it could be done. A rough calculation suggests the Dyson sphere would be about 215 times larger than the sun, and then the next comparison would be the sun being 109 times larger than the Earth. Wrap your head around how huge that Dyson sphere is... :)

What's cool about the Harvester's size I realized, is that the box of the rest of the Covenant items above it could most likely be jammed inside its empty shell! The Harvester is large enough to carry one of almost all known Covenant objects in the games!

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