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Disc space
Date: 6/26/14 10:30 pm
In Response To: Life without Reach. (Metalingus627)

: As much as I love the MCC, I'm a bit disappointed we won't be seeing Reach or
: ODST in this collection. You could say that they aren't a part of the
: Chief's journey, but then again neither is Spartan Ops. ODST, Reach, and
: SpOps all share essential ties to the Chief's journey without actually
: being a part of it.

: I would also love to be able to play Reach multiplayer on XBOne right along
: with the other games, or play around in Forge World, or experience
: Firefight once more. Maybe they will release those two as DLC for the MCC?
: At least Reach multiplayer should be free, with the Campaign, ODST, and
: maybe even Halo Wars coming in a paid bundle? I'd be ok with that. Let us
: play those games on XBOne so I can sell my 360 and actually buy one..

I'd be willing to bet that they didn't include either because including one would mean they'd have to include both. At which point the amount of content would possibly be too much for their target disc size, or even surpass a dual-layer BD.

Think about it: that'd mean there would be 6 games worth of content+DLC, plus an additional 2 games worth of 'anniversary content' (HD, terminals, cutscenes, etc). On a 50GB BD (dual layer), this would mean that each of the 6 games could have at most 8.3GB. I think they started releasing on dual layer DVDs starting with Halo3.

Then there's the MCC 'shell' content. The executable itself, the special mainmenu (which replaces each game's mainmenu, but those were always relatively small), and whatever extra content that is ultimately included.

The XBO is also 64-bit. Which will cause an increase in the size of executables and game map files, relative to the previous platforms (which have always been 32-bit).

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Life without Reach.Metalingus6276/26/14 9:06 am
     Re: Life without Reach.gamerguy20026/26/14 9:56 am
     Re: Life without Reach.Cody Miller6/26/14 12:39 pm
           Hehe. *NM*Ragashingo6/26/14 1:31 pm
     Just Wait For The Anniversary Editions.Morpheus6/26/14 8:05 pm
           I'll take 12! *NM*Kal6/26/14 9:39 pm
           Re: Just Wait For The Anniversary Editions.General Vagueness6/26/14 10:44 pm
     Disc spacekornman006/26/14 10:30 pm
           I agreeZackDark6/26/14 10:37 pm
                 I meant I agree with everything but that paragraph *NM*ZackDark6/26/14 10:37 pm
                 Map files are memory mappedkornman006/27/14 12:42 am
                       Re: Map files are memory mappeduberfoop6/27/14 12:55 am
                             I'm talking about data containing pointerskornman006/27/14 4:46 am
                                   Re: I'm talking about data containing pointersZackDark6/27/14 11:23 am
                                   Re: I'm talking about data containing pointersGeneral Vagueness6/27/14 12:25 pm
                                         Virtual Memorykornman006/27/14 6:25 pm
                                               Re: Virtual Memoryuberfoop6/27/14 7:34 pm

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