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This is amazing for so many reasons
Date: 6/21/14 10:41 pm
In Response To: Next Novel Due in November (zofinda)

The unification of the San 'Shyuum and Sangheili into the Covenant, like the UNSC's own origin with the Interplanetary War, is one thing I would have never expected canon to delve into so soon. I knew the Forerunners and Flood would eventually have the light shined on them because they really couldn't nor shouldn't have stayed such mysteries for long. But this? Neato!

Halo 2 arguably had the best plot and use of the canon put into it, not only because it was so interesting, but added a fuck ton of things. That campaign was really there for the Covenant and I absolutely loved it. Everything from the punishment rituals to the brief little snips we got of the legacy of the Arbiters made this universe so much more than what it had already become. Sadly, what we got was but a little bit of what the Bungie writers would have have included in the Covenant story arc, as seen here in this deleted scene featurette.

I feel like Broken Circle is the imagining of all that discarded material so long ago and I think that it is perfect that 343i is tying this into the release of The Master Chief Collection and its new story content's focus on the Covenant, in particular the Arbiter. Maybe this is indication that Guardians may have more to do with the splintering of the Covenant in the Great Schism than anything Forerunner-y. Anyhoo, I'm absolutely excited and my first sight of this cover left me with the biggest grin. I can't wait!

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Next Novel Due in Novemberzofinda6/20/14 10:18 pm
     EEEEEE- ahem, I can't wait for it to come out!Quirel6/20/14 10:50 pm
     This sounds amazingly coolTDSpiral6/20/14 10:54 pm
     Re: Next Novel Due in NovemberPhoenix_92866/20/14 11:23 pm
           That is weird...Quirel6/20/14 11:53 pm
                 Re: That is weird...TDSpiral6/21/14 12:23 am
                       Re: That is weird...Phoenix_92866/21/14 1:14 am
     That's actually really cool. *NM*Joe Duplessie (SNIPE 316)6/21/14 2:25 am
     Re: Next Novel Due in Novemberzofinda6/21/14 6:04 am
     YES.Dervish6/21/14 9:39 am
     Sold *NM*Azo 'Galvat6/21/14 10:02 am
     Re: Next Novel Due in NovemberPostmortem6/21/14 11:41 am
           I have to wonder...Postmortem6/21/14 11:45 am
                 Re: I have to wonder...zofinda6/21/14 3:41 pm
                 Re: I have to wonder...Grizzlei6/21/14 10:16 pm
                       Re: I have to wonder...Postmortem6/22/14 8:52 pm
                             Re: I have to wonder...Grizzlei6/22/14 10:27 pm
           Re: Next Novel Due in Novemberserpx6/22/14 11:01 pm
     No Traviss? Sold! I'll take 20!munky-0586/21/14 2:48 pm
           Re: No Traviss? Sold! I'll take 20!Grizzlei6/21/14 9:58 pm
                 Re: No Traviss? Sold! I'll take 20!munky-0586/22/14 1:26 am
                       Re: No Traviss? Sold! I'll take 20!Grizzlei6/22/14 2:10 am
     This is amazing for so many reasonsGrizzlei6/21/14 10:41 pm

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