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Re: Rambling weepings.
Date: 6/10/14 11:25 am
In Response To: Re: Rambling weepings. (Cody Miller)

: Who exactly is the original author? Dozens of people worked on Halo. It
: doesn't make much sense to talk about a work's author when so many people
: contribute creatively in significant ways.

: Tinkering with art that isn't yours is fine. The original still exists as is.
: I'd think you of all people would appreciate that given how much everybody
: gushes about Frank Miller and Alan Moore's batman comics, which if I
: recall, were pretty different than the character's inception. Both of
: which I actually have heard described as definitive. Halo is and always
: will be the same. If someone wants to take it and put their own creative
: spin on that, I think it's wonderful. Creativity should be encouraged, not
: discouraged.

Hah, I'm pretty sure I said the same thing to you when you told me to abandon my dreams because comics are a failed and ineffective medium. That was so very encouraging!

I explicitly said I'd love for 343i reinterpret Halo and add their spin on it like Frank Miller did with Batman. But that is not what is happening here. A more accurate comparison would be if Mr. Miller published Bob Kane and Bill Finger's original stories with his own art pasted over their panels. And I would definitely not be a fan of that. Especially if that was going to be marketed towards new readers as the "definitive version" when its intent isn't to preserve what it originally was but for another author to add in impressive grit and lens flares.

But Frank Miller didn't do that; he made his own comic. 343i should do the same in my opinion. Remake the game wholly or preserve what was. This weird middle ground throttles their creativity while distorting another author's work for new audiences.

And yes, the originals still exist and that's what I'll continue to play but it still bums me out to see new editions altered in such a way that does not resonate with what I loved about Halo and for those editions to become the definitive representations. If I go to a Halo wiki to look something up, for example, the screenshots that describe H:CE don't match up to my memories because they use the Anniversary version. It's like my past is being rewritten - it's a weird feeling! Furthermore, this means I lose the ability to post here because I have lost the common language of the current fans. I spent a long time here, was inspired by people here, and was lucky enough to become friends with some of them. And while I still find the people lovely here, it tends to feel like we're talking about two separate universes and I don't know how to join in anymore. I miss doing that.

I know, things change. I'm just lamenting it.

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