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Re: Halo Update V:1.3.2 !! ::VID::
Date: 3/21/14 8:05 pm
In Response To: Halo Update V:1.3.2 !! ::VID:: (SEspider)

: There's been a twist in the map/level/game design.
: At first glance, there doesn't seem to be much in terms of an update. But
: closer examination will tell a different story. I've finally wised up and
: started using reference images to design and build instead of going by
: memory alone. Because of this, I've had to go back and restructure about
: 80% of the terrain. Doing so resulted in a more steeamlined layout and
: flow for movement. Just like the original. ;)

: I've also given the Grunts Plasma Pistols and Needler prototypes. I've also
: updated their A.I. as well. Tough far from finished, at least now they
: don't immediately start running toward you or shoot. Instead they coward
: for no reason. They are only suppose to do that when all of their leaders
: die (future Elites). Like I said, their brains are not finished. I've not
: started on the Elites nor Jackels yet because, at this time, the Xbox One
: version doesn't yet have full body segment attachments. And I somehow made
: the current Hunters dumber. lol

: I've updated the Beatch Structure as well as the Silent Cartographer
: building. Though it will see a more accurate update before I'm done. I've
: also added the outside of the Map Room structure. Sadly there is water
: under the center of the map to which I can not remove. Because of this I'm
: going to have to fake the inside of structures with hidden teleporters.

: I've also added a temparary Cortana prop. Her brain is not working correctly
: but it should in future updates along with other characters. I still plan
: to recreate the intro cinematic as well as the others. Once vehicles are
: added to the game, I'll make a Warthog. There's also talks of multiplayer
: being added for Campaigns and general MP reasons.

: Their website is lacking greatly for mobile devices. But here's a direct link
: to my profile where you can find the map and future updates. If in the
: game itself, then simply do a search for my gamertag: SEspider
: SEspider


: Here's the latest video. I'm posting via phone so I'm not given a embedding
: code. Sorry

: ----
: Project Spark is a Free To Play game for Windows 8 & Xbox One. One
: account works for both versions. All creations and saves are placed on the
: Cloud. This is to allow cross-platform gaming and editing with ease. Gold
: membership is NOT required to play but a internet connection is (for cloud
: saving reasons). Anyone can get a free beta code. Simply request one via
: their site and it should arrive in your inbox within 12-24 hours. Have
: Fun!

Not sure if you knew but Dust Storm gave you a shout out recently on Podtacular. Think it was the end of the Grifball Hub episode

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