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Re: TSD vs HBO postmortem
Date: 12/28/13 10:03 pm
In Response To: Re: TSD vs HBO postmortem (Avateur)

I see a lot of good insight in this post and several things that echo my own sentiment. I'll comment on said areas below, most of which is directed directly at Schooly.

: I plan on basically replying to you and Pkmnrulz240 in the same thread here.
: How did Snipe and I get the blame for this one? For the record, Snipe
: could have been there and odds are TSD would have still been stomping
: away.

: I also don't completely totally refuse to play H4. I just refuse most of the
: time. That thing where we went on H4 a few weeks back and just crushed
: people was a great time. Reach's game where we barely squeaked out a tie
: was a much more satisfying tie, though.

: Well, the original post you made potentially could have created confusion.
: Yes, you said your competitive juices were flowing, but this was in
: relation to the prospect of HBO battling 343. And did you see the battle?
: A crazy gametype filled with nothing but no-scopes against random 343
: employees (aside from Askan). It was whacky, but I'm sure it was fun and
: challenging. It was fun to watch. This presents a vibe of something beyond
: some total competitive hardcore gameplay-fest.

Agreed 100%. As a player who was a part of that team, I enjoyed it because it was an unique gametype. If it was just going to be a game of Slayer I probably would not have enjoyed it.

Basic competitive Slayer games bore me. I'm not good at them. I don't enjoy them. I can't play to my strengths in that type of game. MLG, pro, and other bare-bones settings do not embody what Halo is to *me* so I avoid those types of games.

But I still consider myself a competitive player. I love objective. I also enjoy Slayer games- with a twist. For me, those are games like Shotty Snipers, No shield shotguns, Snipers only and a few others I can't name at the moment. In this case, Snap Shot was a good fit.

I'm not a great sniper player like Nart, simply because I suck. But also, if you think about it, Players that are good with a sniper (like Snipe and Nart) typically are going to hold onto that gun the entire time and dominate with it in a vanilla game of Slayer. When everyone gets one, the odds are more in my favor. Take away scoped shots earning points and the game gets even more interesting.

: That and your post even said: Gametypes: mostly a mix of objective, some
: Slayer (nothing too competitive or too silly)
: So it's no surprise that some people wanted to show up, have a good time,
: play with people they haven't played with before, and maybe didn't go all
: hardcore on it.

Exactly. I understand what you were trying to do, Schooly, but by being too ambiguous about what you were thinking I didn't see a reason to chime in to play for HBO. See, *I* know what kind of player you are, and I have ZERO interest in playing the kind of games you want to play. That probably rings true for you playing the games I want to play. Is there a place to meet in the middle? Oh hell yeah! I'd even be the lead for team HBO, the problem is a time that works for everyone.

My suggestion for next time (if there is one) would be to generate a list of games that will be played, the map, the rules etc. Think of it like a mini LAN. I don't want to think of it like customs night because that's too wacky for me.

I'm not surprised who you ended up attracting and how things ended, at all.

: Also I would love to know what happened with Unreal, because this is news to
: me. lol

: Wait, Snipe was the captain? I thought he couldn't make it and never fully
: committed. Sure, I could have captained it, too, but hey, we know how that
: turned out. But why is Snipe taking a beating here?

: And if HBO was being thrown together and communication was whack, why wasn't
: this postponed to when maybe Snipe could do it or something? Start off the
: new year with some big rumble or something.

I was wondering the same thing. When it became apparent that the competition wasn't going to be there, why would you still continue and then why on Earth would you come back here, to rub their faces in it? Pretty lame IMO.

: I wouldn't go that far. There's plenty fruit ripe for the picking at HBO, and
: like you said, a captain or leader of sorts could have sent out the call
: to assemble. Coulda been Snipe, coulda been me, coulda been others. Didn't
: happen. But hey.

: Real Team HBO?

This keeps sticking out at me. Schooly, why don't you just write out who comprises your rendition of the "real" team HBO.

This is sooo subjective to when someone joined and where they are active on HBO. If you asked me who the real Art talent is of HBO I'd rattle off Loftus, Levi, TD etc. Does that make sense?

I'm not even going to beat around the bush on this- I know what you want, and it doesn't exist here. You want to play the best of the best Multiplayer-wise on HBO?

Uhhhhh. It you guys.

You guys would need to play against yourselves.

But I understand the problem with that and I know it doesn't scratch that itch you are having.

:Like TSD, there are many different types of gamers assembled
: together, especially here. A post like this doesn't encourage people here
: at HBO to want to jump in and try to give it their all, even if they
: aren't that great but might want to try out the competitive side. They
: don't want to be ridiculed for getting crushed or not being the
: "real" deal even though they are every bit as much about this
: community.

Again, I agree 100%. Schooly, I understand that you are trying to be funny and were just doing some competitive type banter but I don't know that the people you played know that, or even took it that way. You should have simply said "Sorry for the confusion on what we were looking for, sorry the teams were slanted. Lets try it again later and GG." It sound like the banter you are looking for was only applicable for the first game where the teams tied. Beyond that, saying that Team HBO got spanked isn't funny- it's douche-y.

: Like you said, ducks fly together. I've been put on some severely less than
: ideal teams in Epic CTF and other Classic Customs games, and sometimes we
: get crushed, but other times we actually manage to come out on top over a
: team with both you and Nart on it. This falls under your lack of a leader
: or captain thing, so you have a good point with that Schooly. This part is
: mostly in reply to Pkmn.

: Overly casual or not, you have no one to blame but yourself (not directed at
: Schooly) if no leader stepped up during the games. I made it pretty clear
: I wasn't gonna do it from the get go, and Snipe was a maybe if that.
: People not calling things out? Ask people to start communicating and
: calling things out. Snipe being there, my being there, or even both of us
: being there probably would have changed things, but who knows if it would
: have changed things enough to win. To Pkmn still, it sounds like you got
: pretty upset and potentially got mean and rude to your fellow HBO
: teammates, which probably wouldn't have helped motivate them any better. I
: wasn't there, so I don't know.

I've played with PK on numerous occasions in Reach, and he is the type of competitive player that Schooly is looking for. The problem is there is only one of him lol. PK is loud and energetic, and I could totally see why that would put off the other people on team HBO but I feel like that is their fault in this case because PK knew what this match was intended to be, but the others did not do their homework. And to add to that, those guys had never played together before anyway- part of what makes a team a "Team" is playing regularly and to each others strengths. TSD seems to do that on the reg- and they played what was essentially a bunch of randos.

*MY* team HBO (as in the people I played with most in general) was comprised of Bones, Paddy, Bluerunner, Cortana, PK, Korny and a few others. Thing is, most of *My* team doesn't play Halo 4.

Maybe they could be coaxed from retirement, but not a whim.

: People clearly weren't interested in the super competitive. Some HBOers said
: they would show up but didn't. Stuff happened. Schooly just made it clear
: that he won't be trying to do TSD vs HBO again unless it's HBO
: challenging. I'm considering it, but who knows. I still like the idea of
: "ducks fly together" being going onto H4 with some other HBOers
: and just stomping people in matchmaking.

: Speaking of which, I'm going on H4 right now as a matter of fact.

I still have fun playing Halo 4 with friends. Right now I'm enjoying BF4 a good bit. One thing I like about the objective games they have is the ticket system. Just real quick for those who don't know- tickets basically correspond to lives as well as the objective.

In a main game of territories you drain the other teams tickets over time as you hold the objectives. The more you hold the faster they drain. IN ADDITION, each time you kill someone on the other team it drains one ticket from the total as well. So you can't be a try-hard or you'll quickly lose.

I really like that idea and think it caters to both people who want to play more slayer focused while also giving something to players who want to go for the objective like me.

I KNOW Halo 4 has similar options, I'd just need to play with them. Like, if you can lose points for dying. That might make for an interesting slayer game.

Games with a twist. That's what I want to play. Maybe something can be setup in the future :)

Maybe a 5 game grudge match. TSD picks two games, HBO picks two games, and one game is just strictly boilerplate Halo, as seen in MM. Nothing super exotic, but if HBO wanted to play Binary slayer it should have the option. Maybe TSD is dead set on flag at home to score on Adrift, IDK.

To each their own, blah blah.

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