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Re: Setting things up
Date: 12/21/13 5:57 am
In Response To: Setting things up (Rockslider)

: Well, let me answer you and ZackDark, and simultaneously clear things up for
: kreativekill who mentioned earlier that he'd forgotten how he did it.

: ZackDark, yes that's one way to set things up. You can descend from the
: level's first bridge, go off and set up a Banshee on one of the twin
: bridges, or even one on each of the bridges (for extra convenience),
: then return with another Banshee to resume from the skip.

: But it's also possible to do things without using an early bridge descent.
: You can play through the level as normal and steal the platform Banshee .
: After the level's first dropship, you can skip over a trigger point -
: namely the one which would trigger tower troops - and then set up one or
: two Banshees on the twin bridges. Then return to resume from the skip.

: I'll elaborate on these two procedures in an article I plan to start on
: today. But PerseusSpartacus, there's no problem with using the lift to go
: down from the first of the twin bridges.

: Finally, I believe kreativekill used the second procedure. The reason being,
: there's a bit in his footage where he encounters a cloaked Elite on the
: second of the twin bridges. That guy wouldn't have got triggered if things
: had been set up the first way.

Wow, I should have read this before responding to PerseusSpartacus, because it pretty much cleared up everything.

Also, even if I get my tutorial up, it won't help much (but I will post it soon anyway). Evidently I forgot the part where I explain how to set up the trick. All the tutorial has is where to position the banshee when you do the trick and it only says like 2 sentences about it. I am kind of disappointed in myself for not including crucial info, but at least we're exploring the trick again after all these years.

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