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Some Oni Info from Marty
Posted By: Bachus <>Date: 10/25/00 8:52 p.m.

Marty O'Donnell dropped in at and had a couple of nifty things to say. Because I don't feel like summarizing this, I just copied and edited the chat log. Some lines were left in just because they were hilarious. The neatest stuff is near the bottom. Have fun.

martyod: well i could tell you about halo and oni but now maybe i won't.
Joe-chan: Tell us about oni and halo? Eh?
martyod: aren't you interested in halo and oni/
Joe-chan: Oni - yes, Halo - no. And I doubt there is anything you know we don't.
martyod: oni is looking pretty good
martyod: sounds good too
martyod: i'm playing the near final oni right now
Joe-chan: Uh huh, and who are you?
martyod: jeez - i'm not even trying to hide my name
Joe-chan: Take a screenshot of something we haven't seen before and up it to prove it ;-P
martyod: well i just flew back from san jose last night and right now i'm at microsoft
*** Bachus tries to get Marty to violate his NDA
*** Forensic finally realizes who Marty is.
martyod: sorry to crash your little get together
martyod: but i'm finally coming up for a little air
*** Forensic smacks everyone else. "Enough pr0n talk, we have guests."
*** Joe-chan wonders who Marty is, even though the other people seem to know.
Bachus: Marty O D
Forensic: Marty O'Donnel, fool.
*** Joe-chan doesn't keep up on news.
martyod: oh ye of little faith
Joe-chan: Ok, some guy who works at bungie, right?
Forensic: Bungie sound guy?
Nacho Loses H: good one joe
martyod: some guy...
martyod: sheesh
Forensic: Did Myth? Doing Oni and Halo?
Bachus: you're making Marty feel bad Joe :)
*** Joe-chan doesn't know names, damnit.
martyod: way to be a fan joe
*** Joe-chan shuffles his feet and looks chastised.
Bachus: we should demote Joe until he learns his Bungie employees
Nacho Loses H: Joe, you know the amazing Halo theme - marty made that
martyod: i'm not an employee - i'm an executive
Bachus: ooh, Marty has stock options ;)
Forensic: Ok, so, yeah. Oni. Is it gonna make it for the January release?
martyod: yes
martyod: as far as i'm concerned
martyod: is alex okita in here?
Forensic: He was, he just left.
martyod: what did he say?
Joe-chan: Giving us trade secrets, etc.
Joe-chan: Nothing much...
martyod: tell him to finish those particles!
martyod: or no stock options!
Nacho Loses H: Alex just hangs out and talks about his cell-phone, anime and stuff.
Forensic: Instead of working.
Forensic: Whoops!
martyod: hmmmm....
Forensic: I didn't say that.
Petri: oh
Bachus: oh great Forensic
Nacho Loses H: oh, and flat tax rates
Bachus: get him fired why don't ya
Forensic: Hardest worker I know, Alex.
martyod: now you know why oni took 4 years...
martyod: just kidding
Joe-chan: Thanks to alex?
Joe-chan: Or do all you guys slack off?
Joe-chan: ^_^
Nacho Loses H: no, thanks to ;)
Forensic: That's our new slogan.
martyod: alex is my virtua tennis partner
Forensic: - delaying Oni since 1996.
martyod: oni plays like an anime movie
Bachus: that's what we hear
martyod: that was the goal and it's doing it
Bachus: "It's just like watching an action movie!"
Forensic: Good.
Forensic: So it plays better than it did at E3 then?
martyod: ha
martyod: of course i've only played it on macs and pcs
Forensic: I remember watching a video of a guy playing on a PS2, and he couldn't even shoot someone directly in front of him. Unloaded like 3 full clips.

*mindless PS2 chit-chat*

martyod: ps2 version is being ported by rockstar
Maul : will i be dissapointed?
martyod: certainly hope not
martyod: i'm a little worried about sound and music
martyod: but of course i always am

*more mindless chit-chat*

martyod: you should see some of the testers play oni
martyod: they are really good
martyod: well i gotta go - need to send some more dialog files to butcher...
Forensic: One more question. Amanda Winn-Lee is the voice of Konoko, right?
martyod: yep
Forensic: Awright.
martyod: she's a honey
martyod: too bad i can't let you hear the out takes
Bachus: so which voice is Doug doing? :)
Forensic: Yes you can.
martyod: can't say
Bachus: do one of those movies like you guys did for Myth
martyod: who ever said the name doug?
Bachus: too late, you let it slip ;)
martyod: the surly dwarf is in there too
martyod: and a guy named "doug" but not neccessarily the "doug" your thinking of
martyod: joe and i make an appearance too
Bachus: Staten?
martyod: "fenris, my old friend..."
martyod: we are the cinematronics department after all...
martyod: ok - now i'm really going - bye
Bachus: later Marty


Bachus -

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