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Myth III Manual Glossary

Posted By: Zandervix (
Date: 11/12/2001 at 12:22 p.m.

Alrighty, here is the glossary. Take note, the glossary is written for the time of the Wolf Age. Some things that we take for granted in knowing is different here, as some things haven't happened yet. For example: In the definition of the Cloudspine, it lists the three passes as Bagrada, Seven Gates, and the Nornpass. The Stair of Grief hasn't happened yet. There are also some answers to some minor questions here. Good readin' I tell ya'...

This is "quoted from the Myth III manual copyright 2001 by Take Two, Godgames, and Mumbo Jumbo, etc.. etc... Enjoy..


This order of powerful sorcerers was formed by the Archmage Mazzarin during the Age of Reason. It was founded as a college for the magical arts, where all sorcerers could share their knowledge for the betterment of their art. The Avatara have always had strong ties to the Cath Bruig Empire, and even today work for its best interests. In their great Citadel in Llancarfan, the Avatara train their initiates and study in their massive libraries. The Heron Guard are taught the creation of their healing roots within the towering walls.

A vast frigid plain scarred by hundreds of Trow iron mines. Avernus is where many of the thousands of Oghre slaves spend their lives; slaving in the deep mines for their Trow masters.

The first human necromancer, and one of the most villainous creatures to walk the face of Myth. His insane desire to turn the world into a land of shambling dead has pitted him against the Avatara and the Cath Bruig for centuries.

Frozen wastelands north of Gower and the Trowlands. Once home to the formidable Oghre.

An ancient race of sorcerers without equal in power. They created magical devices that could move mountains, destroy cities, and make them immortal. They were all but exterminated by the Trow. Their final strike created the Great Devoid

A name applied to the mightiest human civilization in the history of the world, and to its peoples. Formed by the great Emperor Clovis at the dawn of the Age of Reason, it has stood as a symbol of human knowledge and resourcefulness for thousands of years. Although the many cities of the Empire that once spread across the world have been destroyed by the Myrkridia, the great city of Llancarfan still remains as a shining beacon of hope for it’s peoples.

A jagged mountain range spanning the continent, running north to south across its center. It makes almost an impassable barrier between the Province and the Cath Bruig Empire. There are only three passes over the Cloudspine – Bagrada, Seven Gates, and the Nornpass. Because of the towering heights of the mountain range, even these passes can only be used during the summer months.

Born in Gower, his family was slaughtered by the Myrkridia. Living in the wildlands, he learned how to hunt and kill the Myrkridia. Armed with this knowledge and fired with hate, he led his people against the Myrkridian horde.

Captain of the Heron Guard and Champion to Emperor Leitrim

A massive swampland created long ago by the Trow’s rampant deforestation. It is now the home of the vile Myrkridia, who make their nests is the mish shrouded bogs.

A fertile farmland stretching from the Cloudspine to Llancarfan, from the tip of Forest Heart to the Twelve Duns. Literally thousands of small villages and farms make their lives in this idyllic grasslands and forests. They are protected by the forces of Llancarfan and are officially a part of the Cath Bruig Empire.

The ruling Emperor of the Cath Bruig. He is a wise and worldly man who truly desires the best for his people. Although aging, his sword hand is as good as ever.

An ancient forest of colossal trees and secrets. Within its towering arbors, civilizations from the beginning of time have prospered and crumbled within its towering arbors. It has been home to the mighty Forest Giants for a millennia.

A lost civilization of cannibals who gave their souls to the Dark Gods so that they may continue their savagery for eternity.

A bestial race of scavengers, these primitive creatures dwell in the hostile badlands near the Dwarven kingdoms. Their priests are the only being known to remember the names of the Dark Gods, whom they worship with bloody sacrifices. The Ghol and the Dwarves have been at war since recorded history.

The vast and lifeless desert that lay to the south-east of the known world, near the Dwarven kingdoms.

A human territory nestled within harsh lands. The clansmen of Gower brave the humid summers and the freezing winters, holding off the Myrkridia from the Dire Marsh and the Ghols from the south. It is an inhospitable environment, but it has served to toughen the spirit and resolve of its people.

A great tear in the fabric of reality left behind by the deathblow of the Callieach. Its depths have no end.

The Royal Heron Guard of the Cath Bruig are the elite soldiers of the empire. Wielding dual blades and wearing the finest of armor, they are warriors without equal. Armed with the healing knowledge from the Avatara, they use their magically imbued healing roots to mend even the most grievous wounds.

In the Age of Reason, the great city of Llancarfan stood at the heart of the Cath Bruig Empire, symbolizing freedom, wealth, and prosperity. After a millennia of strife caused by the Myrkridian horrors, Llancarfan is all that remains of the splendor of that long ago age. The city is surrounded by massive walls and vigilantly guarded against any who would seek to enter without permission. The people of Llancarfan trade with the nearby barbarous human tribes, the cities of the Province, and with the Dwarven cities of Myrgard and Stoneheim. A watchful eye is kept over the farmlands of the Downs, as it is the mighty city’s means of food.

Sorceresses put to death during the Great Cleansing, and resurrected by the Watcher. They desire only to take the breath from the living.

Imperial advisor to the Emperor and the High-Master of the Warlocks of Scholomance. This shadowy figure holds both the ear of the Emperor and command over the Warlocks. He has proven to be a valuable asset to the throne, predicting the future with great clarity. But, many wonder if his desire is truly to aid the Empire, and not for more sinister designs…

The Leveler who brought forth the Myrkridia and ushered in the Wind Age. His name is synonymous with evil. It is rumored that this long dead fiend has returned from the grave to destroy the world once again.

An initiate of the Avatara. While not adept with weapons, he is capable of weaving great spells, the likes of which even the highest-ranking of the order can but imagine.

The strongest of the two Dwarven kingdoms. Home to the great Forge of Myrgard, and the Smiths of Muirthemne. Its mighty gates have been under attack by the Ghols of the Badlands for generations.

A race from a realm of nightmares, brought into this world by Moagim, they singularly bring the downfall of human civilization. These beasts have hunted humanity to near extinction, and destroyed much of its knowledge of the past. No city has ever stood against a Myrkridian attack and survived.

The Myrmidon of the Twelve Duns are the protectors of their people. Long ago, a shrine to an ancient god was discovered. The scrolls within wrote of the ways of battle; the likes of which none had seen before. Those warriors that were trained in techniques of this ancient fighting style became swift and deadly opponents. Even Myrkridia could be held at bay with the fury of their savage attacks. These warriors became known as Myrmidon.

The northernmost pass through the Cloudspine, long ago named by human explorers.

The goddess who created the Trow before the creation of this world. She is devoutly worshiped by her children.

Once a powerful and war-like race dwelling in the Blind Steppes, their insults to the Trow caused the stone giants to crush their race and enslave them to their bidding. The Oghre have been slaves to the Trow for a great number of centuries.

Lands to the west of the Cloudspine. The few human city-states that have appeared are allies to the Cath Bruig Empire. The fir’Bolg live in the dense north-eastern forest they call the “Ermine.” Many Skrael still live in the northern swamps of the Deep Mire, eking out a living long after the destruction of their ancient kingdom.

A Myrmidon warrior and daughter of the Twelve Duns. She is an accomplished warrior of proud spirit and noble heart. She desires nothing more than the destruction of Moagim, the murderer of her clansmen.

The first city of the Trow, this is the capital and center of their empire. Their history states that this colossal iron city was founded on the spot that their god Nyx had first taught them the secrets of iron working. Although no human has ever seen past the massive iron walls, it is rumored that the Trow’s most precious artifact lies enshrined in a temple in the very heart of the city.

An artifact of immense power, capable of rendering its owner impervious to damage.

Dwarven inventors, architects, and engineers from Myrgard, who hold the knowledge of forming complex magical artifacts and machines. They have set up their forge in the main forum of Llancarfan, doing a great deal of business there. Led by their Forgemaster, Traval, the Smiths have been prosperous for many years.

These undead are harbingers of corruption. Their mortal souls stolen by the blackest sorceries, their semi-corporeal remains drift across the battlefield, leaving pestilence in their wake. Soulless use barbed javelins, coated with the toxic substance that is created by their poisoning of foliage.

A group of insidious human cultists who worship their Spider-God, Syrkrosh.

Sister city to Myrgard and home to many Dwarves

Suits of armor animated by the souls of the dead. The spirits inhabiting the armor were once the faithful servants of their necromantic master. Now, they protect their lords long after their own deaths.

Built by the Callieach, this device focused the rays of the sun into a column of pure white fire, capable of utterly incinerating cities and mountains alike.

A creature from another world, Syrkrosh is the goddess of the Spider Cult.

A device created by the Callieach. It appears as an ornate box, but when activated, it can sweep away those unlucky enough to be caught within its effect, and imprison them inside for all time.

The most powerful of all Myrkridian Pack-Mages. Thalor has learned to defy death with an artifact of his own creation: The Eye of Thalor.

Once the Trow city of Si’anwon, destroyed by the Callieach. It was a storehouse of ancient knowledge that the Trow had amassed over time and conquests. Within the scope of a day, it had collapsed into a great chasm, which was then flooded by the cold northern waters.

Animated corpses armed with makeshift armor and massive axes. Making up the vast proportion of the armies of the Dark, they make up for their slow and lumbering movement with incredible toughness.

The Forgemaster to the Smiths of Muirthemne.

A titanic race of stone beings who existed before the world was made. They worship their God Nyx by forging massive temples out of solid iron for her glory.

The barbaric tribes of nomadic peoples of the northern Cloudspine; they are fierce warriors who worship the deeds of their ancestors.

Originally members of the Avatara, the warlock order was born from a schism between powerful mages. Founded by Moytirra, a sorceress of incredible dark powers, the warlocks creed is “power at any cost.” Rumors abound of the unspeakable rituals they perform and the sinister intelligences they learn from. Still, head of their order, Mjarin, has risen to power within the Cath Bruig Empire, becoming the Imperial Advisor to the throne. Although looked on with fear, the Warlock’s presences are tolerated in Llancarfan due to the aid they give the armies. Yet every general knows: the Warlocks do not fight for Llancarfan; they fight because Mjarin tells them to.

Created by the necromancer Culwyeh, these pathetic undead creatures desire nothing but to end their eternal torment. Stuffed with vile poisons and virulent concoctions, they are suicide units who will explode into a great putrescent cloud, capable of stunning all nearby.

Magical pylons constructed in days long past. The magical energies imbued into these rocks allow anyone who has the knowledge of their use to travel from one knot to another in an instant.

The divinity who created the known world. His dream shaped the face of Myth, and even in his death, his world still exists. It is said that the Runestones contain fragments of the Wyrd, and that through careful study, the powers of Dream-magic can be learned.

The largest township in Gower. Its vast fields are one of the few sources for food in the territory.


Well, that's it. Everything else is basically technical and gameplay. If I find any pertinent information within it, I will definitely post it. But first, I must sleep for many moons.


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