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Myth III Unit descriptions - Part 3 of 3

Posted By: Zandervix (
Date: 11/9/2001 at 1:41 a.m.

Okay, here is the end of the Unit description series. And just to protect myself, I am "quoting" the Myth III manual copyright 2001 by Take Two, God Games, and Mumbo Jumbo. Drunken Ghol has me paranoid now, but it also doesn't help that I've been up for almost 24 hours. That, and the fact that the Pizza delivery van across the street has finally been moved and replaced by a Florist delivery van. Hmmm...



>Connacht the Wolf - Born in a small village on the outskirts of Yursgrad in Gower, the boy that would become the hero of the age watched the Myrkridia destroy his home village. Knowing only vengeance, the boy would grow strong and skilled living in the wilds. Studying his foes, he began to see their weaknesses and made strategies to defeat them. When Yursgrad itself is attacked by the Myrkridia, only the man who would be called "The Wolf" has the strength and command to rally his clansmen to combat the creatures of nightmare. Connacht wields a massive axe easily with his powerful arms - laying low scores of foes as if they were saplings.

>Damas - Captain of the Imperial Heron Guard of Emeperor Leitrim, Damas is widely regarded as the most skilled warrior in all of the empire. Unlike the dual swords used by other of the Heron Guard, Damas uses an exquisite glaive in battle. His proficiency and loyalty are unmatched. Damas also refuses to wear the heavy plate armor of the Heron Guard, preferring lighter and less restricting armor. Damas is well known throughout the imperial court to be handsome and charming, and is swooned over by many a lord's daughter. Like the other Heron Guard, Damas is proficient at imbuing the Mandrake Root with healing powers and making good use of its abilities in combat.

>Ravanna - Ravanna, daughter of the Twelve Duns and Myrmidon Warrior. She is a raven haired beauty and a warrior of few equal. Being a part of the proud Myrmidon clans, the holy protectors of her clansmen, she has studied the art of close combat all her life. She wields dual Gridaksma blades as is standard with most Myrmidon warriors. Although quick to anger, she is always cool headed in heated combat. Her love for her people knows no equal. She is determined to destroy Moagim, who's undead armies have all but decimated her clansmen.

>Myrdred - A young Avatara of great skill, Myrdred is the assistant to the Imperial advisor Mjarin. Spending most of his time learning the disciplines of spellcraft, he is not as proficient with weapons as his fellow Avatara. Myrdred has mastered powerful Dream spells which even the strongest Avatara struggle to learn. Though he is considered one of the most powerful Avatara in Llancarfan, his hunger for knowledge and lore has drawn some ridicule amongst his peers - which only seems to fuel Myrdred's desire for long forgotten powers. Myrdred knows the Avatara'a Dispersal Dream spell, and many other powerful magical feats.

>Forgemaster Traval - The Forgemaster of the Smiths of Muirthemne, Traval is a combination engineer, merchant, inventor, and holy man. Many years ago, he led the Smiths out of their underground forges of Myrgard to set up shop in Stoneheim. Eventually, he felt the yearning for new things once again, and made his way to the city of Llancarfan. There, the Smiths have built an incredible forge in the main forum of the city. People travel from even the distant Province to see the marvelous devices created by these ingenious engineers. Traval is responsible for keeping the forge running smoothly, dealing with business, and improving upon old designs. It is a rigorous job, even for a Dwarf. Traval not only carries a Smith's Flame Torch, but also has a great knowledge of magical devices and their uses.

>Moagim Reborn - Known as the Faceless Terror, Moagim died a thousand years ago at the end of the Age of Reason. But his death was too late - he was altogether triumphant in his destruction of the world. Moagim, through powers unknown, led the Myrkridian race into the world. He is responsible for those living nightmares hunting humans and lesser races almost into extinction. This terrible act ushered in the Wind Age - where the great cities of man and knowledge of the ancients became as dust to the wind. Now, as the Myrkridians are themselves being hunted and humanity's empire once again begins to flourish, Moagim has been Reborn. None even dare to think of the dreaded magics that must have been used to revive the spirit of this beast. The King of Nightmares, the Faceless Terror, Moagim the Horned has returned to plunge the world of Myth once more into the shadow of death.

>Bahl'al the Watcher - The most powerful necromancer to ever walk the face of Myth, Bahl'al has been living since before the Age of Reason. It is said that he gained his mastery of the undead from exploring the sunken Trow temples in the Deep - not taking a breath for days. Bahl'al is known for appearing and wreaking havoc with his powers, only to disappear for centuries afterwards. Only a few centuries ago, Bahl'al killed his ancient foe Mazzarin under a literal sea of his undead Thrall. Bahl'al is consumed with the dream of turning the whole of the world into a place where only the dead roam. Although mad, he is still fiercely intelligent and proficient in necromantic and Dream powers. Indeed, it is thought that if Mazzarin could not stop him, he may not have an equal.

>Thalor the Black - Of all the Pack-Mages under the tutelage of the first Moagim, none had more prowess for sorcery than Thalor the Black. Larger and stronger than his fellow Pack-Mages, Thalor was ruthless in his dominion over his fellows. His black furred hide would bristle as he bared his teeth at any who would usurp his power. If threats would not work, he would not hesitate to use his magics to tear the living heart from that body and reanimate it to be his Thrall. Thalor is truly ancient. The artifact of his creation, the Eye of Thalor, holds within its glassy walls his very life essence. This not only gives him almost eternal life, but also frees him to cast the most destructive spells in his arsenal. If his physical body is destroyed in the ensuing conflagration, his spirit will return to the Eye and reform within mere seconds. Such is the power of the most dreaded of Myrkridian Pack-Mages.

>Syrkrosh, the Spider God - In a far-off dream, her webs lie so thick across her world, that the stars themselves could not shine through them. Blanketed in darkness, she and her children hunt - dining on the blood of their prey. After a great while, the prey began to lessen and her children cried out in hunger. It was then that she heard a sound. The sound of a hammer on an anvil. Far off, across oceans of time and space. She felt the energies of that far-off world and heard the voices of prey. She found that she could guide her form towards the energies and bring herself into that new world. In her new body, she could feel the prey about her. Her children would feast again. But the journey had weakened her. She found that the prey of this world were just as malleable as the prey of hers - by making simple promises of power, they will follow her to oblivion. Once her strength is regained and her new brood is hatched, she will cover this new world in her web and feast upon her new prey.


Well, that's it. At least for now. There is another section in the manual about the history of Myth, and scanning through it, it seemed to answer a few of our lingering questions, but just a few, maybe. But this section is incredibly long, and may have to be done in sections also. But first, I need sleep. There is a short section on the future, though, which I will "quote" here:



Of Balor's Fallen Lords only two remain, though their whereabouts are unknown.

Many sages and scholars look towards the future with uncertainty. The cycle of Light and Dark, which change the face of the world, has been broken. As Connacht brought an end to the evils of the Wind Age, so was Balor to bring an end to the glory of the Wolf Age. And yet, in this new age, the Light has remained triumphant.

Many believe that with the destruction of the Leveler, mankind can now forge its own path on the anvil of fate.

But the future is never certain.


Until next time,


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