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Myth III Unit descriptions - Part 2 of 3

Posted By: Zandervix (
Date: 11/9/2001 at 12:18 a.m.

Okay, here is Part 2 of 3 of Myth III Units (As seen in the Myth III manual copyright 2001 by Take Two, God Games, and Mumbo Jumbo [That's for you DG :p]). Enjoy…



~Legions of the Undead~:
Undead are corpses, animated by the sinister powers of Necromancy, and enslaved into tireless servitude to their masters. Undead are not mindless automations – they possess a basic knowledge of combat and tactics. They are completely devoid of fear, and will never disobey their master’s orders. Some more powerful undead do not fit this mold; they are intelligent and independent – sometimes even able to wield powerful magics.

>Thrall – First created Millenia past by the Watcher, Thrall have been called the children of Bahl’al. These near-mindless animated corpses serve their sorcerous masters without question. Plated in piecemeal armor and wielding huge axes, Thrall make up the bulk of any undead army. A single thrall is hardly a concern – that’s why they’re usually found by the hundreds. Thrall, not needing to breathe and weighted down by their heavy armor, can walk under the surface of water, making for great surprise attacks. That is, if their pitifully slow movement is not first spotted by the enemy.

>Soulless – Soulless, also called “hollow men,” are semi-ethereal minions of the dark. Appearing as a Skeleton severed at the waist and wrapped in a billowing cloud of vapor, they carry dozens of barbed javelins on their backs. Their ability to float several feet from the ground allows them to swiftly move to places that men cannot hope to reach. From these high perches, they rain down their poison coated javelins upon their enemies. Soulless do not move very quickly and, thankfully, cannot take much abuse. Still, an army of Soulless can kill a group of warriors to the last, before they can ever lay a sword to bone.

>Wights – These loathsome bags of flesh are the creation of the worst kind of necromancy. Their swollen husks are filled with pestilence and explosive gasses. With one swift knife cut, they can end their miserable existence in a massive explosion of putrescent filth. The explosions caused by wights can level stone walls and reduce a score of men to bloody pulp. A wight’s only desire is to die and be released from its torment… and try to take as many living soldiers with it. Thankfully, their slow shambles make them easily detectable, and just a few arrows send them to their explosive demise.

>The Forgotten - In the deep recesses of Forest Heart, ancient civilizations grew and fell beneath its towering branches. One of these civilizations was a race of cannibalistic hunters, who for the gift of immortal life, sold their souls to the dark gods. Now, desiring only to hunt living prey, these terrible creatures lurk in the darkness of their shadowy home. These forgotten beings can wait for years for prey to cross their path - suddenly springing from the plant life grown over their century still bodies. They attack with abandon, using their dual iron blades - only resting once their prey has been slain...

>Stygian Knights - These deathless guardians appear to be animated suits of armor. In fact, they are living souls, extracted from a living being and imprisoned within the metallic confines of the thick plated armor. Many necromancers use these constructs as tireless killers and bodyguards. Other less vile sorcerers create Stygian Knights from their most loyal of followers, chosen as guardians outlasting even death. These knights can be found in many a tomb and barrow of ancient necromancers and mages. Stygian Knights use polearms to stab at the foes of their master from afar. Their thick armor provided excellent protection, yet their ghostly reflexes make them slow to attack and move.

>Lyche - In a time known as the Great Cleansing, the daughters of a remote village were put to death for practicing the ancient magical rituals of their peoples. The women were thrown into their village well and drowned. Yet, centuries later, Bahl'al the Watcher would find their dead spirits there, screaming from beyond the grave for vengeance. He obliged them. Now these long dead sorceresses have become the commanders in Bahl'al's army, the fires of hatred burning brightly behind their clouded eyes. The Lyche attack with a magical blast of pure rage that creeps across the landscape, only to erupt in the midst of their enemies.

~The Myrkridian Horde~:
When this race of living nightmares entered the world, they single-handedly destroyed the civilizations of man, bringing a close to the Age of Reason. And now, the nights of the Wind Age are dominated by the stalking Myrkridia, and their savagery knows no equal. In the past thousand years, no group has ever stood up to a force of Myrkridia and survived. These horrifying creatures have built massive monuments from the skulls of their victims; a testament to their unrivaled dominion over their lands.

>Myrkridian Hunters - Over the many years since their arrival, many Myrkridia have become fattened from years of easy hunting. Their speed and strength have become somewhat diminished, as their prey is hardly a challenge to them. They have become cowardly bloats, and will run from prey that looks to be a challenge. Although weaker than their brethren, they are still exceptionally dangerous in packs.

>Myrkridian Warriors - These pack-warriors still retain the ferocity and savageness of the original bloodthirsty Myrkridia. They are faster, stronger, and tougher than their peers - a true terror to do battle with. Their shrieking howl can cause even the most steadfast warrior to flee from the battlefield. When a Myrkridian Warrior is wounded in battle, it's battle-lust can completely take over, causing the beast to strike wildly and savagely at pack and prey alike.

>Myrkridian Giants - The colossal Myrkridian Giants can reach the size of Trow, and are almost as strong. Few things can inspire raw fear more than the sight of one of these titans clawing its way through an army. Myrkridian Giants appear to be smarter than their smaller cousins, but are just as fierce. Carried with them are skulls, presumably enchanted by the sorcerous Pack-Mages. These skulls can be thrown by the giant, exploding with magical energies on impact. The giants use these to soften up and confuse groups of foes before moving in for the kill. To use these exploding skulls, press the Special Ability key and click on a target.

>Myrkridian Pack-Mages - The most elusive of the Myrkridian race are the Pack-Mages - the intelligent bat-like leaders of the Myrkridian packs. Tall and Slender, the Myrkridian mages are not the physical specimens of the majority of their race. They are, however, capable of producing powerful bolts of lightning that can paralyze or kill a foe outright. Few Pack-Mages have ever been spied by human eyes, and only a few are thought to exist. Many Pack-Mages appear to have the gift for powerful Dream magics and have been taught the Dream of Unlife. This spell is the key to necromancy, raising dead from the very ground to do their bidding. (Note: This ability is not used in multiplay gaming)

~The Ghol Raiders~:
Ghol are a race of scavengers who take what they need from others to survive. Unlike the other races, the Ghols worship the forgotten Dark Gods - it is said that only the Ghol remember their true names. Worshipping these horrific beings, the Ghol priests offer blood sacrifices of children to them for clandestine reasons. The Ghols are the age-old enemy of the Dwarves, and have been bent on the capture and destruction of their homelands for as long as there has been written word. Ghols are notoriously appalling, living in filth and collecting bits of garbage and remains to adorn themselves and their caves. Ghols are not strong, but they are quick. With rapid strides they can race into the midst of their foes and deliver heavy damage with their rusted cleavers.

>Ghols – Savage and cruel, Ghols are always on the hunt, moving quietly to stalk their prey. They are a cowardly lot, preferring to attack from the enemy’s flanks. Yet, with greater numbers, they will attack almost anything. Ghols carry with them crude sacks which they use to store remnants from the battlefield – like rocks, pieces of metal, Wight bits, and heads. They have learned to throw items carried in their sacks with great strength and accuracy, stunning, damaging, or paralyzing a struck enemy. To have a Ghol pick up something, simply click on the object. To have the Ghol then throw the carried object, press the Special Ability key and click on a target.

>Ghol Brutes – A few Ghols are bigger and tougher than the average. These brutes are chosen by the priest caste to become fearless warriors for their tribes. A Ghol Brute’s great strength allows them to inflict more damage, and their larger bodies can readily receive more damage as well. Usually, brutes stick to themselves – either as a combat group, or as bodyguards for the Ghol Priests.

>Ghol Priests – The holy leaders of the Ghol are much craftier than most races give them credit for. Being in communion with the Dark Gods, they have learned foul magical abilities – including the necromantic art of creating Wights. The priests have mastered a spell known as the Savage Wind Dream which creates unseen hands of air, allowing the priest to fling about objects laying on the ground. Having an area of shrapnel suddenly hurl itself at a foe is a great advantage in a carnage strewn battlefield. The Ghol Priests make up for their powerful spells by being slower than an average Ghol. Ghol Priests also have special spells that can weave the threads of muscle and tissue, repairing and healing their wounded brethren. To use this healing ability, press the Special Ability key and click on the unit you wish to heal.

~The Trow Empire~:
These mighty stone beings have existed before the world was created. They are an ancient race of solitary titans; not burdening themselves with relations to “lesser beings.” Long ago, the Trow enslaved the fierce race of Oghres, breaking their spirits and conscribing them to build towering iron temples to their god Nyx. The Trow civilization has been in decline for hundreds of years, as they constantly tear down their splendid temples to begin making even more magnificent temples in their place. The enigmatic Trow hardly concern themselves with anything but their personal interests.

>Oghre – These behemoths tower over men, but are still small compared to their Trow masters. The Oghre have been enslaved for thousands of years and have been forced to use their iron crafting skills to build titanic temples and monuments to the Trow. Oghres are stocky humanoids who are monstrous to behold. When in battle, they use their utilitarian work hammers to smash their master’s foes into the dirt. Oghre do not move nearly as fast as their size would imply, but they can still outrun most soldiers.

>Trow Iron Warriors – Bedecked in iron armor up to a foot thick and brandishing an iron hammer the size of a tree, the Iron Warriors are an all-but-unstoppable force. Nothing can withstand the might of this titan of war. Moving slower than an unburdened Trow, their column-sized mallets can smash a swath of death through an entire army in one swift stroke. Only siege weapons and clever tactics have a chance to stop these living juggernauts.

>Trow Priests – The Priests of Nyx are formidable – and not just because they are Trow. The priests have learned many a subtle dream from their god. One such dream used in battle is the Dream of Molten Iron, which creates a geyser of fiery rock to burst from beneath the feet of their enemies. Thankfully, Trow Priests are somewhat less resilient than your average Trow.

>Trow – Not all Trow are Warriors or Priests. Most Trow live contented in their kingdoms of iron, waited upon by their Oghre slaves. Although decadent, they are still Trow, capable of kicking their way through a force of soldiers. As a Trow is slain, its life force is destroyed, and only its stony husk remains to crumble into boulder-sized pieces.

~The Spider Cult~:
Little is known of this so-called Spider Cult. They are a recent appearance in Llancarfan. Many guardsmen attribute the growing numbers of missing persons to this foul sect. It is known that they are recruiting the poor and destitute of the city and ensorcering them into their ranks. In the dark alleyways in the shadows of Llancarfan, hushed whispers mention the name of their god… Syrkrosh…

>Spider Cultists – Human cultists who believe that Syrkrosh is a god from another world who will bring them untold riches and power. These followers are from the dregs of Llancarfan society. Their lack of combat ability is made up for by zealous determination and sheer numbers. They wear no armor and rush directly at their enemies with knives flashing and eyes wide with fevered madness.

>Spider Priestesses – Human priestesses are the mouthpiece of the Spider God. They believe that their God will grant them immortality through her great power. These priestesses have no magical powers, but they do have a potent concoction of their own devising. Made from the venom of Syrkrosh and mixed with alchemical ingredients, this potion can be thrown at their foes, poisoning and paralyzing them in a great green cloud. Their devotion to their other-worldly god is such that they will not hesitate to throw themselves into melee combat with their wicked sacrificial knives.

>Giant Spiders – The offspring of Syrkrosh, giant spiders move at a terrific rate. They are capable of crawling over sloped landscape that is impassable to humans. By themselves, they are little threat to an armed warrior, but they are usually found in great numbers. A favorite tactic is to crawl stealthily upon a ceiling, then lower themselves down to the midst of their foes on their sticky webs. All spiders have a link with their mother, and will come to her aid when she calls to them.


Well, that's it for now, kids. Stay tuned for Part 3 of this trilogy coming soon.


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