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Myth III Unit descriptions - Part 1 of 3

Posted By: Zandervix (
Date: 11/8/2001 at 9:22 p.m.

Here as promised (See Myth III Manual Prologue post) are the unit descriptions from the manual. There is a lot of information, so I am doing this in three parts as outlined in the manual. Part 1: The Army of the Light; Part 2: The Armies of the Dark; and Part 3: Heroes and Villians. This is so I can take a short break in between, crack my knuckles, and take some Excedrin to help with the pain of having to squint to see all the tiny print that is printed in the manual (I'm guessing between 6 and 8 pts.).

Again, THERE ARE NO SPOILERS FROM THE GAME ITSELF. This is only out of the MANUAL. So, here goes:



~Units of Llancarfan~:
The city of Llancarfan has been the seat of the Cath Bruig Empire for over a thousand years. It is the pinnacle of human civilization and knowledge. Thousands of well trained soldiers and archers defend the city's impenetrable walls. Hundreds of Heron Guard pledge their life to serve the Emporer and their majestic city. The greatest sorcerers in the world, the Avatara, make their home in the city, mastering their magical arts. The shadowy Warlocks of Scholomance also pursue their unholy lust for power within the city's walls.

>Warriors of Llancarfan - Bedecked in dresses of chainmail, these stalwart warriors make up the majority of the Llancarfan forces. Armed with their steel longswords and tower shields, they make excellent defensive units. In groups, they can become a powerful attacking force. Each soldier swears an oath to protect the empire from its enemies with their life.

>Archers of Llancarfan - Out of the ranks of soldiers, those that have a keen eye are trained in the ancient ways of the longbow. Llancarfan Archers train most of their lives with their bows, becoming deadly accurate. Archers forgo the bulk of chain armor for the mobility of light leather. Unfortunately, the archers are not known for their swift movement or hand to hand combat prowess. Get them on a high fortification, though, and they can turn the tide of any battle. Many archers also carry with them a single bulky Fire Arrow. These explosive arrows are lit and fired, erupting into a pool of fire when shattering on the ground. To launch a Fire Arrow, use the Special Ability key and click on the spot of ground to target.

>The Heron Guard - The elite guard of the Emperor himself, the royal Heron Guard combine considerable combat efficiency with magical knowledge. Each year, a hundred warriors train to become members of the Heron Guard - and only five will be chosen. These are the best of the best. Wielding dual swords, and bedecked in heavy plate armor, their strength and discipline makes them powerful allies on the battlefield. Each Heron is taught the arts of healing from the Avatara, and can utilize magical mandrake roots to heal their wounds or the wounds of others. To use the Heron Guard's healing ability, use the Special Ability key and click on a unit to heal. Healing does not restore all of a unit's lost health. Also, the undead creatures tend to fall to pieces when the powers of healing are put to them.

>Warlocks of Scholomance - Secretive and reclusive, the Warlocks of Scholomance are feared and despised by those outside their order. They have mastered incredible magics, but at the price of their souls. Dressing in long red robes with fiery emblems, they make a fearsome sight. During the battle, they have the ability to summon a magical fire that streaks towards their foes and detonates in a small area. The Warlocks are subservient only to Mjarin, the Imperial Advisor and head of their order. Warlocks use mana as a source of their powers. With each fiery spell they weave, their mana is depleted. With no mana, a Warlock cannot cast his spells, and must wait for his powers to recharge. A warlock's special ability is a massive fireball that when cast streaks towards the enemy and obliterates them in a tremendous fiery holocaust. This spell takes _ of the warlock's mana, but when timed right, it can turn the tide of the battle. To cast this deadly spell, press the Special Ability key and click on the ground or the unit to target... then stand back!

(note: the sentence above that says, "the spell takes _ of the warlock's mana," is how it's written in the manual. Maybe nobody knows exactly how much mana is used - Zan)

>Avatara - The most powerful human sorcerers in the world, the Avatara were created centuries ago by the Archmage Mazzarin. Avatara need not rely on their spell abilities alone in combat, as they are also masters of their enchanted blades. The Avatara's most deadly dream spell is the Dispersal Dream which can explosively eliminate an entire army from the battlefield. To weave this dream, use the Special Ability key and click on a unit to unleash the spell upon. Use this spell with caution, as it's "spreading nature" can easily move into friendly units too close to the epicenter.

~The Dwarves of Myrgard~:
The proud dwarves of Myrgard and Stoneheim have lived since the weaving of the world in their underground empires. Beneath their small stature, they are a robust and strong race of warriors. Since recorded history, The dwarven race has been at war with the Ghol; their most hated of enemies. In the past thousand years of darkness, the Ghol have slowly encroached into Dwarven territories and now threaten to invade their underground empires. The proud dwarves will die as a race before letting their ancient enemies defile their homeland.

>Dwarven Demolitionists - The Dwarven Demolitionist is a recent invention. With the creation of explosive liquids, a "Dwarven Cocktail" was put into battle with explosive results. With the succesful demolition of a Ghol stronghold, the new explosives have been embraced by Dwarven culture. These Demolitionists have an affinity for blowing their enemies into small smoldering pieces - and are the only ones crazy enough to run into battle with explosives strapped to themselves. Demolitionists are not bogged down by heavy armor, so they are more mobile than their axe-wielding brethren. Dwarven Demolitionists also carry Satchel Charges, basically bigger versions of their explosive cocktails. Satchels are placed on the battlefield and then set off by an explosion happening nearby. To have a Demolitionist place a Satchel Charge, use the Special Ability key and click the ground where you want them to set it. Usually one good cocktail throw will set the charge off, causing an extreme amount of collateral damage. Also, to pick up a Satchel Charge laying on the ground, simply click on it.

>Dwarven Axe-Warriors - Wearing magnificently crafted heavy armor and wielding wicked battle-axes, Dwarven Axe-Warriors are no-nonsense juggernauts on the battlefield. When these stout fighters gather in a line, they can be a barrier to waves of enemies, being able to suffer wounds which would kill an ordinary human outright. Their only disadvantage is their slow speed.

>Dwarven Smiths of Muirthemne - Dwarven smiths are the builders of Dwarven Society - forging the weapons and armor for their clans, as well as inventing many new devices and magical artifacts. The Smiths of Muirthemne have set up their great forge in the city of Llancarfan, and pedal their trade with the people there. Although not as hearty as Dwarven warriors, the large smithy hammers they carry can seriously impede even the fiercest enemy. Smiths carry with them magic rods known as Flame Torches. Smiths use these rods to weld and smelt the metals that they work with. It also is very useful in combat, creating a cone of white hot flame that can sear enemies to ash. To use the Flame Torch, press the Special Ability key and click on the enemy you wish to incinerate.

~Clansmen of Gower and the Twelve Duns~:
Over the course of the Wind Age, the Myrkridia have devastated and devoured most of human civilization. What humans remain outside the walls of Llancarfan are barbaric tribes of hunters and farmers. The clansmen of Gower work the fertile lands east of the Dire Marsh, fending off Myrkridia, Ghol, and Trow. The Twelve Duns have not fared as well, and live a nomadic lifestyle in their harsh lands.

>Berserks - Only the strongest survive the harsh winters in the Northlands - and the constant threat of Myrkridia has weeded out the weak long ago. And the Berserks are even the heartiest of those strong people. The name Berserk is derived from the bearskin loincloths they wear. Wielding massive swords or axes, these brave (or insane) men stride into battle wearing no armor - and fearing nothing.

>Hearthguard - In the lands of Gower, these ever vigilant guardians of the clans defend their villages and townships from any evil that dares trespass. They are the Hearthguard, and their prowess with their spears is legendary. Not only can they throw their javelins with great distance and precision, but they can strike at any creature that ventures too close. Their wooded shields can turn the claw of any Myrkridia.

>Villagers - Farmers and peasants, these men and women make up for their lack of combat skill with the stubborness learned while living in their harsh land. Carrying only wooden pitchforks and wearing ordinary clothing, these are the last line of defense between the Myrkridia and their families.


Okay, that's the end of Part 1 of 3 of Myth III units. Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon.


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