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Eblis Stones = Sankara Stones?

Posted By: Lucan (
Date: 11/23/2000 at 10:56 p.m.

If you're familiar with Indiana Jones, I'm sure you know the stones I'm referring to. While I have never been able to find out if the Sankara stones are really part of Hindu mythology, the movie information provides enough.

Note the similarities;

There are 5 Eblis stones
There are 5 Sankara stones

The Eblis stones are said to make their user an unstoppable
force in battle.
The Sankara stones are weapons in a war against evil.

The Eblis stones (or at least the one we saw) glow while in use.
The Sankara stones glow when in proximity to each other or while in use.

While we haven't heard whether or not the Eblis stones were created by Wyrd, the Sankara stones were handed down by Shiva, a god in charge of both life and death (as we know the Myth gods and their penchant for balance).

While totally off topic, "Eblis" is the name given by Islam to the demon Azazel, who is equivalently Satan. Eblis means despair.

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