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Myth II Tournament *PIC*

Posted By: Psyched (
Date: 9/15/2005 at 4:56 a.m.

Okay - in case you didn't see the news story or anything, I'm posting a transcript of my post here.

Myth Tournament 2005

The Myth community still has life left in it, and so a tournament is proposed for some time in the coming weeks. It will be hosted on Mariusnet, and below is an analysis and description of it’s structure-to-be.

Group Stages

There are to be four different Groups. Members are to be divided into them as equally as possible. Each Group will play five different FFA scenarios (Body Count, Last Man on the Hill, King of the Hill, Steal the Bacon and Stampede). The winner of each will receive 3 points, the runner-up 2 points, and the second runner-up a single point. All other competitors receive no points. At the end of each game, these three point totals will be relayed by the group Moderator (a Myth Jumper given the responsibility of organising the group) to a database. When all five matches have been played, the points will have been added into the database and the top two from each group will progress to the quarter finals stage. The two runners-up will face each other down to progress into the runner-up semi finals stage.

For example,

Position Name Points
1 Balor 15

Quarter Final Stages

The quarter final stage is a knockout round. The winner of each will progress to the semi final stages, and contestants will face off thus:

1) Winner Group A versus Runner-up Group D
2) Winner Group B versus Runner-up Group C
3) Winner Group C versus Runner-up Group B
4) Winner Group D versus Runner-up Group A

Runner-up Semi Final Stages

Again, this is a knockout round. Players will progress to the Final with a win, facing off like so:

i) Runner-up Winner Group A versus Runner-up Winner Group D
ii) Runner-up Winner Group B versus Runner-up Winner Group C

Semi Final Stages

The two winners here will face off in the final.

1) Winner QF 1 versus Winner QF 4
2) Winner QF 2 versus Winner QF 3

Runner-up Final Stage

The winner of this will be crowned “Runner-up King”.

Winner SF (i) versus Winner SF (ii).

Final Stage

The final stage will give a grand winner of the tournament and a runner-up.

Winner SF 1 versus Winner SF 2

It is a necessity that, if no moderators remain by any of the final stages, and the two participants cannot agree on who the victor was, that films be submitted to the organisers. Thus, be sure to record all of your final stage matches. If no films are submitted and there is disagreement, we (the organisers) will have no option but to disqualify both involved.

Tournament Rules

The rules of the tournament are here to ensure a fair gaming experience for all competitors. Failure to follow any of the rules can, and indeed, most likely will result in a disqualification.

  • Play the gametype as it is meant to be played. e.g., Steal the Bacon is not a Body Count scenario.

  • Behave in a mature fashion, both before, during, and after the games, including all lobbies. Treat others respectfully, regardless of their own behaviour or skill/lack of in the game. Be graceful in both victory and defeat.

  • Listen to the designated group moderators. They may not be present in the final stages but do not treat your opponent any differently.

  • If no moderator is present in any final stage games which you are competing in, follow the appropriate guideline in reporting the result. Failure to comply could result in disqualification.

Rules aside, it’s primarily a fun/social gaming experience. Let’s face it, there won’t be too many die-hard “zomg gunna pwn j00 bad” Myth players out there, so you can expect participants to behave friendly.

Furthermore, it would be great if you could all submit filmz/screenshots after each game so we can get some stats databases up. =D

Sign up for the tournament here, and feel free to discuss it. The date is currently undecided, at most it will be a month from now. Suggestions are more than welcome.


All players are required to have Myth II: Soulblighter and the version 1.5.1 update and the TFL Multiplayer Map-pack, as well as the MariusNet server plugin from If you need technical support, PM me with details.

Tournament devised and hosted by The Myth Jumpers and MariusNet.


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