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Myth Pen and Paper

Posted By: General Pepper (
Date: 8/17/2003 at 3:30 a.m.

so, i've horribly bastardized the myth storyline into a D&D campaigne, that im going to run with my (non myth playing friends) and since its 3:00am and those 'mental common sense inhibitors" aren't working im going to tell you about it and what you guys think about it...

be warned, this is LONG (I just finished it and i scrolled up and its long and boring read at your own peril)

It begins around 5 years after the Dark appears at Gower. The 9 (Not alric he's not king yet) get wind of this from a caravan that comes from Muirthemne and as a precotionairy sends out a group of scouts (my PCs) via world knott to a knott right to the west of Gower, who are immediatly victim to the advance scouts of a large Dark force (ghols) who happen to be at the knott. (the main force is just bearly coming through, though the wilderness ahead is still full of soulless and ghols.

The players are basically forced to run ahead of the force stopping at various only for a day or so trying to learn about the humongous army behind them. Eventually they come to a large tavern and theres desisions to make.

whether to continue to Muirthemne (where they would fight Balor (and lose) and then be hounded by soulblighter and his forces on the way south back to Madrigal and through the Ermine and get ambushed by Firbolg (they are still an enemy at this time in the story i beleive) but they may be able to gain alleigence if they can help against their battle with By'Laggo (or, alternatly we could have a city quest where they could attempt to use the knott at muirthemne if they wanted)

or they could go west to the beserk lands ( and eventually be tailed by the Deceiver forces, running into the creation of the myrimidons betrayal (I played with some story elements, im saying that the deceiver had a BIG roll in the myrimidon thing even though in game credit is given to balor... I can just say balor ORDERED the deceiver to trick them into the deal, also they run into the two beserk heros, and can convince a group to come with them back to madrigal to reinforce against the coming of the dark...

ORRRR they can go to the west to the Dwarflands where the influence of the Dark has caused the ghols to become incredibly restless and are starting to invade in huge numbers, and get to witness the fall of Stoneheim, and get to meet Balin (who, if you remember ran from the area sleeping between footsteps... maybe he'll get company)
and also recruit a sizeable dwarf force to madrigal

Then they get back to madrigal. Im going to say that this entire treck takes around 14 years or so, just in time for TFL. They get back and the new king has been kidnapped, and they need 5 champions yadda yadda air balooned to Alric, they rescue him (and i mess with time again) and they go south to bring him back to a world knott (I'm going by the theory that Alric didn't do a HUGE teleport out of the Barrier before but just a local one so he would have needed a knott to get back to madrigal... at least in this game) on the way south they pass through silvermines and get to fight with the deceiver and the watcher and get the watchers Arm. since they are with Alric (who is basically their boss and director at the moment) he says that since they have the Arm they should know what to do with it, if the deceiver wants it it must be powerfull so (watch me mess with the time line again)

Alric decides to lead them to the great library to get the Total Codex, and then they use the world knott from covenant to get back to madrigal.

incidently (one more time with the time shifting) they get back JUST in time for a seige, to deliver the total codex to the 9 who use it to defeat Shiver. (If the PCs have a wizard/avatara in it they may be able to take part against a fallen lord at this time... probably not)

THEN alric sends them north through 7 gates (since they can finally get through now that Tharsis has errupted. It is assumed that hte Dark controlls the world knotts north of the cloudspine.

the players get to witness the deceiver losing to the watcher (with some hints about his Arm and using it against him) and then later on the whoole treck up north they get to shoot him and beat the watcher, their first fallen lord destroyed! Bonus XP for everyone! ...uh yeah...

they continue on the path that is made in the TFL game, with a stop at madrigal meeting the beserk (whos name escpes me... Tahern?) and helping him get the ol Eblis stone (a nice dungeon quest, thats a first) then its east through forest heart (for some forest giant contact) and then north (and we get to visit a few totally destroyed villages that we saw on the way UP here the first time
and continue north to rhiannon where we get there just in time for the lights major offensive. players get to be with alric when he destroys balor, and get to chuck a head into a big pit. And there is much rejoycing until myth 2.

what do you guys think?

::Scrolls up::

WOW that is a LOT of text i hope you even bother to read it... so tell me what you think i should add and what you think are crappy...

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