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Alternative route for The Great Devoid

Posted By: alexmtt89 (
Date: 4/27/2013 at 3:04 p.m.

In MTFL - lv#25, you can choose an alterantive route in order to get to the Great Devoid. Besides going eastwards through the river (and face three different waves of fetches and soulles while some shy wights are trying to stalk you in the area), you might also go southwards and look for an hidden passage that allows to follow the river until a second shore, located south of the first ford (and unreachable from here because of deep water in between) and west of the Great Devoid.
This way leads directly towards the hole, without having to sneak in the woods on the NE corner.

However, this path is almost suicidal:

- wights will emerge suddenly from deep water on the borders of the river, you will often notice them only when they will pop-up just next to your troops;
- some soulless are patrolling the southern shore, on the edge of the cliffs;
- finally, a welcoming committee made of many soulless and fetches is waiting for you on the central landing where you will arrive. Although sometimes they stand passive until you charge them, other times they will be happy to greet your troops all at once. Obviously, by standing in a narrow and low river, with wights all around, this can't be considered a wise alternative path. Your soldiers will also ask why they are proceeding through this absurd way...

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