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A couple of question regarding canon

Posted By: Goblonaut (
Date: 5/15/2011 at 7:38 a.m.

Since I saw that this forum is somewhat active(the last thread was 4 weeks ago), I guess I could ask you guys a couple of questions that have been bothering me, some for a long time, some recently.

I started playing myth when it came out, and I thought it was fantastic. I think I have played myth 1 and 2 3 or 4 times from beginning to an end, and I have played Myth 3 through once. Shortly, I love this game and it's a shame they aren't developing more of it, and not many people know about this.

Enough of my rant though, heres things I'd like to ask from you guys:

1. Are the two fallen lords who are never seen in the game, ever mentioned in anywhere else except the pre-release? Those guys being Bheil and Faceless Man. Also, could they be the ones that took over Madrigal at the final stages of the war of TFL? As far as I remember, Watcher was dead, Deceiver was routed, Balor was in Rhi'Annon, Shiver was defeated earlier, and soulblighter was somewhere close since he showed up at the Great Devoid.
2. Was Mazzarin the founder of the Avatara order? Is it confirmed anywhere else than myth 3 that Myrdred was once an Avatara
3. Was Alric the only Avatara to survive the war? After the tain, the narrator mentions that the nine are "more like the three now". Maeldun is kind of tricky, he was severely wounded, but did he really die? Though we can assume that the rest of the avatara died when Madrigal went down.
4. Are berserks from the Twelve duns/Gower area? Though I think theres a myth 2 flavor text that suggests that the berserkers homeland was left untouched by the dark, and that would make it impossible, since as far as we know, balor ravaged the lands east of Cloudspine. Then where are myrmidons from? Someone mentioned that they were from the 12 duns.
5. Are the other incarnations of Leveler, Mjarin and Sorangath The Flayed considered canon?
6. Is Myth the Wolf age considered canonical at all? What about GURPS? I ordered it yesterday because I became interested in myth again.
7. Were the Smiths of Muirthemne really Dwarves?
8. Where in the Myth world do the event's described in Chimera take place?

And questions where there are probably no canonical answers

1. Where is Leix? It's mentioned in the flavor text of a warrior.
2. Do we know anything about the island with the tower on it, south of covenant?
3. Do we know anything about lands beyond myth? Untamed lands, blind steppe etc.
4. Are the figures in murals we see inside the tain the real form of Fetch?
5. Did anyone ever think that the head could be the leveler from the era preceding Tireces, where the leveler was burned at the stake and beheaded? Though the head claims that it's an old enemy of balor, it might not be so, as the head is known to lie.
6. Magical suit of armor Alric was searching from the desert? Did it really exists, or was it the one that balor wore? Also, the trow say that they saw that he wore the mantle of the Leveler, is it the armor or is it more like a presence or something?

Thats all for now I think. Cheers!


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