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Repeating and error over and over

Posted By: Rodrigo (
Date: 9/12/2009 at 4:52 a.m.

First some facts to understand an idea i have:

"Although the hero of every age of light is different, every dark age is ushered in by the same beast - a transient divinity that seeks only conflict - The Leveler. And so Tireces returned as Moagim to end the Age of Reason - and Connacht, the great hero of the Wind Age, returned as Balor to lay waste to the greatest empire the world had ever known." Myth II Epilogue

As everyone knows, there is a cycle of @1000 years (the comet, etc), a dark age and then age of light, the hero that ended the dark age returns 1000 years later as a bad guy, and this repeats over and over, Tireces was a hero and after 1000 years returns as Moagim (bad guy), Connacht also was a hero and 1000 years returns as Balor (another bad guy).

But in my opinion, this cycle can be broken other way different that it was supposedly broken when we defeat Balor and tfl, with no dark age (myth I).

What Tireces and Connacht did with the leveler:

"The Leveler was never killed. He was immobilized by sorcery, beheaded and burned at the stake in the Second Era. A thousand years later he was drawn and quartered on the plains before Ileum, the tireless horses dragging the pieces of his lifeless body to the four corners of the world. Again in the Fourth Era his body was destroyed by fire, his ashes mixed with salt and buried under the Mountains of Kor. Balor, Moagim and all those before them wore the Mantle of The Leveler." -Myth II Epilogue

This was useless as it is stated, however, because they were defeated already, but the heros (Tireces, Connacht, etc) knew that they would return in the future as the levellers:

[Connact] dispatched his lieutenant Damas to seek out items of power - the five Eblis Stones, Tramist's Mirror, the Total Codex, and more. Damas - far less the governor than Connacht but far better the adventurer - destroyed what he could and secreted the rest. -GURPS Myth, Page 20, "The Age of Light"

Connacht asked Damas to destroy or to hide the most powerful artifacts, so he couldnt use them.

My question is, why he didnt asked to be beheaded, burnt and everything else when he died or before 1000 years passed? It could have broken the cycle, because they were going to be the levellers and they knew it.

what you think

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