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Myth b4 word = lava? Trow culture??

Posted By: Milk Man (
Date: 4/9/2009 at 4:29 a.m.

The Myth world before Wyrd: a world unstructured by any superego, a bottomless id peopled only by the hypersexualized monstrosities of the feminine fantasy (TRO). We know that TRO used the center of Tharsis as their forge, and that, somehow, it contains the potential self-destruction of the Wyrdian Idea. And, naively, up till now, we've assumed that this self-destructive potential was a mere consequence of its central location and the physical properties of the Myth world's coin-structure. We've also assumed that the locus of the Tro's ironwork was merely a matter of convenience. (Note also that both emically and etically, that is to say, in both OUR SPEAK and TROSPEK, the renunciation of iron is really an allegorical warning against the binding of individuals into the fasce, the state). More plausibly: the trow chose their forge not only because it provided a material source for the extreme heat necessitated by ironwork, but also because of a symbolic and historic connection to magma. Prior to the cool, masculine rationality of the Wyrdian Idea, the world was a seething plane of molten objects. Molten TRO were diffused consciousness, undifferentiated either from eachother or from the vast, womb-like warmth they streamed through. To say that the TRO were attracted to the Forge as the locus of their plastic arts merely because art is informed by the unconscious would be both trite and anthropocentric, however. A more nuanced interpretation is in order:

1. All Trow are male, Nyx is the only female "worthy of them," yet is tabooed as the (female) progenitor.

2. The male authority/object of cathexis/ego-ideal is Wyrd, whose mode of intentionality is operationalized by rationality and individuation. Nyx, the (m)other, is the object of desire prior to the identification with Wyrd and is associated with the unconscious (the logic of dreams, myths, etc).

3. The desire to produce "civilization" or "order" in the absence of mortality or material need is innately irrational. Yet TRO civilization none-the-less relies on (a denied) rationality in the production of its base technologies.

4. The irrational but imperative TRO desire for civilization (iron) mirrors the irrational but forbidden desire for the (M)other, Nyx:. The imperative for TRO civilization is birthed in the echo of Nyx's primordial id: the iron is lifted out of the lava in molten form. The technology and material culture, though produced rationally, is the outcome of this imperative: the iron hardens, the civilization crystallizes.

Therefore... forging iron (a metonym for civilization) in Tharsis is NOT ONLY a technical matter but ALSO a grounding of the paradoxical imperative for TRO civilization in the material reality of magma (Nyx's immanent world) and stone (Wyrd's agentive world): a central structure in the TRO cultural dynamic.

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