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Share GURPS Myth!

Posted By: Tireless Wanderer (
Date: 3/10/2009 at 4:11 p.m.

Just passing through the Asylum. After many years it turns out that the strategy game (along with the classic Abuse) I played as a kid was actually made by Bungie, one of my favourite devs nowadays since the Halo series. So recently I've picked up the Myth games, played through the first two and read what I could on the internet.
However, it seems I have missed what many have not: the GURPS Myth book. I'll be getting Halo Wars soon and then my interest in Myth will probably be put on hold until the summer vacations, and thus I'm not confortable paying whatever the book might cost since I won't be reading it a whole lot anyways (I am seriously working on a short Myth novel though, which is coming along rather fine). I did hear of a few errors aswell.
I will get back to it eventually though, as the game is on my list of classics that I should get back to ASAP (likely the rainier days this summer).
So what I'm asking for is some text excerpt, summary (the various races and locations are my main interests) or if possible even a link where I can download the entire book. I have already read the official Fetch page released and found it very interesting plus have read some about Ghôls and Mauls summarised from the book, here in the Asylum.
Any link where to get it would be much appreciated (I've already searched for it myself as far as my googling skills goes) and since the only place it is sold nowadays is Amazon I don't think anyone will really take offense.

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