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Posted By: Seraph (
Date: 4/11/2007 at 11:02 a.m.

Mazzarin, greatest of the avatara and presumably of all human archmages ever, was slain by the Watcher and seven waves of Thrall, after smashing six to little itty bity bits (dispersal dream?)

How many Thrall do we suppose is in a "Wave"? A thousand? Ten thousand? A hundred?

Asking for round, rough figures, not down to the last digit.

The reason I ask is that GURPS Myth (which seems accurate here) says that an Archmage "can routinely (be nigh-ompototent)...and act like it's all no big deal."

Our only in game example of that is Gate of Storms, though it works fairly well.

A half score or so (more 'in world' maybe) of Myrkridia attack Alric and his rear guard.

Sorely wounded Warrior: Your majesty, your majesty, those beasts, they're unstoppable, we haven't a prayer...
Alric: Stand back, all of you! ::Procedes to dispersal dream the pack::
Alric: We need to reach the ship, its the only chance we've got.
Warriors: Wow. I mean, yes your majesty!

The last line isn't in the game, but its certainly my first reaction.

Now I'm not interested (though anyone who wants to would be welcome) in guessing, at the moment, on how many RM (Real Myth, as in the actual setting) warriors and Myrks there were there, if there's a difference. But being able to slay a number at once just by taking a funny stone from your pocket and staring really hard...I think that's pretty "nigh omnipotent", for Myth.

Anyone have any other thoughts?

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