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Posted By: rhadooxxl (
Date: 2/16/2007 at 3:13 a.m.

I have a theory, based largely on MythIII, yes, but not on the more controversial aspects of that games storyline,on why the dwarves of Stoneheim would choose to bury themselves. Here it is:
Firstly, we know Connacht instructed Damas to hide artefacts like the Tain, the Sunhammer, Tramists Mirror. We don't know where he did,and neither did Balor.
Secondly, the dwarves owe him and Connacht a big debt,as they saved Myrgard from the ghouls.Stoneheim is also remote,a good place to hide something deep underground.
Thirdly, Soulblighter found most of these artifacts, and used them for different purposes: he imprisoned the Legion in the Tain,resurected the Myrcridia from within a Tainshard and Shiver with Tramists Mirror. What he did not use, was the Sunhammer.
So,why did he not use such a powerfull artifact, that allbut destroyed the Trow? Simple, he didn't have it, not because he didn't know where to find it, but because he couldn't get to it.Now bear in mind that during the Great War,the dwarves buried Stoneheim. The logical conclusion would be: Stoneheim is where the Sunhammer is hidden.
This is my theory,please post any comments you have on this forum. Constructive criticism is always apreciated

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