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Posted By: Seraph (
Date: 1/22/2007 at 7:13 a.m.

This is of little importance, and is mostly to see what speculation we Asylumers come up with...and to assist me with modifying a unit graphic for Civiliation 2.

What color are the uniform surcoats of the Legion, do you suppose?

As in, real, official, if we went to Covenant and saw the game seems to vary.

The Myth 2 introduction shows a red/white, then white/red (top and bottom respectively) one, if memory serves...although a light tan may be more accurate than "white".

Anyone have any thoughts?

Unrelated: Myth 2 (1.3 patch) does not seem to work on my new computer, which I believe is Windows 2000 or the like. Is there a way to persaude Windows to run it?

Any reasonably serious answer would be appreciated, except an "Uh, um..." one. I know that none of us knows...Forrest and the real, real oldies who remember the days when TFL first came out as possible exceptions. But I'd like to know if going with the green that the designer of the Year of Burning Stone campaign used for the Imperial Watch unit (basically the Warrior, as I recall) seems fitting for the Legion. Its not likely the Province would do differently than the Cath Bruig here.

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