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OK, lets speculate.

Posted By: Romendacil (
Date: 10/15/2006 at 11:05 a.m.

OK, lets speculate again on some things.

Firstly, I would like to finally know; Is the cykle 1000 years? I mean 1000 years light, then comes leveler, 1000 years dark, hero comes, kills leveler, 1000 years light, hero returns as leveler, 1000 years dark and so on..
Or is it diffurent?

If it was the way I said, then the cykle was broken in Myth TFL? Right? I mean, the Light had ruled for a 1000 years as cath Bruig empire, then came Balor as the leveler, but he didnŽt succeed, no dark age came, he destroyed the empire, but he was killed..and not by a hero after a 1000 years of dark age..but this Alric Alric broke the cykle?
Then, theres always SB, but the only way he survived, is that the Light made a mistake and though that if they kill Balor, they kill the Fallen aswell..that was the only mistake Alric made in his plan and thats why they let their guard down for 60 years.

Or perhaps Balor was not the leveler..?
I mean, the leveler is supposed to create a new dark age of monsters rule..for monsters to rule, he would have to release the myrkridia..he didnŽt.. Or did the leveler made a mistake in claiming balors body? Balors profound hate for myrk`s stayed even when Leveler controlled him.
Was it a mistake of a god himself?

And what did SB even hope? Did he think that the dark age was still lasting and wanted to create the order that was needed? Was it just his arrogancy in wich he belived he could force the cycle..I mean..It WAS supposed to be the dark age at that point, perhaps he was not so dumb and arrogant after all..what were his intentions really?

What will happen to the myth wold now? Any thoughts on that? What will happen now that the cycle is broken..because I think It IS broken. Will things be turned upside down? Will light rule forever? Or will the monsters still return.

Then I have some history questions.

1) When was Mazzarin killed?
I only know that it happened in the wind age, but when exactly? Oh...and..I seem not to know even in what order do the ages come..please clear that point for me.

2)Then: When did Cath Bruig fall..I mean, when did Muirthemne fall, how long has it been since HG`s became Jmen?

3)BahlŽ old is he? Was he ever the leveler? Or is he just a powerful guy who destroyed the land? Was he the first to discover the dream of unlive? That would make him the second biggest villain besides the leveler in Myth.

4)When was the time when Trows ruled? When was the time they destroyed the ogres? Before all ages? Before men and dwarves even came to be?

Hoping that I do not bother you too much, and to clear out the gaps of my knowledge in myth history.


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