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William Wallace

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Yes, yes I know. My name looks familier. That's because I was the fella that saved Scotland from the sheep-shaggin' English. You all think I was drawn and quartered, like in Braveheart, but that's not so, oh no. Right at the last moment I...urr....I was zapped into - an alternate dimension! Yeah, it was, urr...yeah it was great. And so I ended up in this great big country which I like to refer to as 'Myth'.

But of course, all good things must come to an end. Ever was I trying to persuade the berserks that I had come from another dimension, but they just looked at me as though I was daft (bloody hypocrits). In the end they called the men with the white jackets who took here, to the Asylum, where I have been ever since.

Now, have you ever planned a prison break before?

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