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Why did the Jjaro cross the road?

To get his pants. He had taken them off earlier because they were crawling with green sandspurs, which didn't pop his buttons too well. The green kind are the worst, all hard and stickery. It's not so bad when they're brown, because you can almost just thump them right off. The green ones though just sink in good like stepping barefoot on a tinpinny while you're walking on the shingles on your bad roof. I had an imaginary Indian named Tinpinny, who lived in the woods about 40 feet from a doghouse. He lived inside a piece of metal playground equipment, a big long firetruck or something, that was standing up tall against a tree about thirty feet high. He guarded the passagway in the firebus, and he wouldn't let anyone pass through unless they had an empty can of soda. I always forgot my soda until one day I remembered. I will never forget the day that I remembered to bring the soda for Tinpinny.

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