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An ancient evil lurks about the world again. It will stop when I go to sleep. I have known the joys of Bungie since I was but a wee tot, suckled on the teat of Marathon. Now, through long hours of playing headgames with Durandal and clashing swords with SoulBlighter, I have risen up from the blackness of 27 centuries to inflict pain and terror on the world. Wherever I pass, rest vanishes, for the small hours are rent with the screams of nightmares. And I just realized I should read less Lovecraft.

My college highspeed internet has me jaded, so now I never bother doing anything of interest on the internet when I'm at home (on my stupid old dial-up connection). Now that I'm back, I can return to my old ways of being confused, agitated and violent. Good times for all!

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