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Halo: Infinite
Date: 7/2/18 7:58 am

Halo 6(?) is here! here is the announcement trailer of Halo Infinite powered by a new engine.

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Halo: Infinitegamerguy20027/2/18 7:58 am
     Halo Art is back!Joe Duplessie (SNIPE 316)6/10/18 11:01 pm
           343 acknowledging that their art sucked...munky-0586/10/18 11:17 pm
                 Re: 343 acknowledging that their art sucked...Cody Moore6/11/18 4:35 pm
                       Re: 343 acknowledging that their art sucked...Joe Duplessie (SNIPE 316)6/16/18 12:52 pm
                             They wont have all the assets converted yetscarab6/18/18 8:39 pm
                                   Re: They wont have all the assets converted yetdavidfuchs6/18/18 8:39 pm
     Re: Halo: Infinitedavidfuchs6/16/18 1:28 pm
           Re: Halo: Infiniteasa6/11/18 9:49 am
                 Re: Halo: Infinitedavidfuchs6/11/18 11:20 am
                       Re: Halo: Infinitegamerguy20026/11/18 6:46 pm
                             Re: Halo: Infinitedavidfuchs6/11/18 6:46 pm
                       Re: Halo: Infiniteasa6/11/18 6:45 pm
                             Re: Halo: Infinitedavidfuchs6/11/18 11:41 pm
                                   Re: Halo: Infiniteasa6/11/18 11:42 pm
                                         Re: Halo: InfiniteJoe Duplessie (SNIPE 316)6/11/18 11:42 pm
           Re: Halo: Infinitescarab6/16/18 1:28 pm
     Re: Halo: InfiniteMacGyver106/10/18 10:28 pm
           Re: Halo: InfiniteNosolee6/10/18 11:24 pm
                 Re: Halo: InfiniteCody Moore6/10/18 11:24 pm
     What is this feeling??Chris101b6/15/18 8:35 am
           Re: What is this feeling??Cody Miller6/11/18 5:41 pm
                 Re: What is this feeling??Joe Duplessie (SNIPE 316)6/21/18 6:11 pm
                       Re: What is this feeling??Kermit6/21/18 6:19 pm
                             Re: What is this feeling??Joe Duplessie (SNIPE 316)6/21/18 7:07 pm
                                   Heh. *NM*Kermit6/21/18 7:07 pm
           My brain just can't...scarab6/18/18 8:40 pm
                 Re: My brain just can't...General Vagueness6/19/18 10:37 am
                       Re: My brain just can't...MacGyver106/20/18 7:09 am
                             Re: My brain just can't...davidfuchs6/20/18 7:09 am
                 Re: My brain just can't...davidfuchs6/19/18 1:05 pm
                       But they're so cheesy!scarab6/19/18 1:05 pm
     Re: Halo: Infinitethebruce06/11/18 12:02 pm
     Re: Gave me shiverskidtsunami6/11/18 12:39 pm
     Re: Halo: InfiniteGeneral Vagueness6/11/18 11:47 pm
           Re: Halo: Infiniteasa6/11/18 11:47 pm
     Re: Halo: InfiniteThe Loot6/12/18 7:29 am
           Re: Frames per secondRevenant19886/12/18 4:24 pm
                 Re: Frames per secondJoe Duplessie (SNIPE 316)6/12/18 4:25 pm
                       Re: Frames per seconddavidfuchs6/12/18 5:55 pm
                             Re: Frames per seconduberfoop6/13/18 2:34 pm
                                   Re: Frames per secondGeneral Vagueness6/14/18 2:46 am
                                         Re: Frames per seconduberfoop6/14/18 2:46 am
                                               Oops, the Halo 3 MB image isn't showing for me...uberfoop6/14/18 2:46 am
                       Re: Frames per secondCody Miller6/12/18 4:25 pm
                 Re: Frames per secondCody Miller6/12/18 4:24 pm
     Re: Halo: InfiniteRVideo6/19/18 10:39 am
           Re: Halo: InfiniteMacGyver106/19/18 10:39 am
     some thing I'd like to seescarab6/24/18 7:12 pm
           Re: some thing I'd like to seeMacGyver106/23/18 3:31 am
                 Curved Worldsscarab6/23/18 3:31 am
           Re: some thing I'd like to seeGeneral Vagueness6/24/18 7:12 pm
     We've got to have this in the Slipspace Enginescarab7/2/18 7:58 am

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