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Halo 3 Glitch/Trick - The Snow Room
By:The SuperWaffle
Date: 9/1/17 4:43 pm

"The Snow Room" as we like to call it, is the Cortana room that exists on the Mission "The Covenant". It is similar to most all other Cortana rooms and is loaded into the map once the "Revelation" area is loaded. This Cortana room went through the most amount of idea iterations out of all the Cortana rooms thus far. Previous ideas involved moving the pelican and phantom, animation tricks, loadzone manipulations, and even using a Deployable cover to counter-balance the box on the hornet. Throughout all these ideas, we were also trying to find a way to stay in the Cortana room while Cortana is actually there, similar to Floodgate and Crow’s Nest. Unfortunately, we were not able to find a way to do that. The reasoning for that is because there is a "force load" that forces all other players to load inside the Hallway when the first Cortana moment is activated. There is no way that we know so far to get past these "force loads" and even if we did, Cortana would not spawn until all players load into the Hallway according to the game script. There was hope however that we could perhaps use the 2nd Cortana moment since there is not a force load associated with that moment. However, truths death cutscene is a force load itself, so we would not be able to have a person get stuck in solid space and stay in solid space either near or inside the room. And since hitting Truths death cutscene is required to trigger the 2nd Cortana moment, that idea was a bust. If we were to try and DC clip from the revelation area itself, we would die in solid space since there is just too much solid space between the Cortana room and the revelation area. We then settled for just getting into the snow room itself once we reached this sad conclusion.

The method of getting inside does not differ much from Crow’s Nest and Floodgate. The same basic concept of having a person inside the "area" of the deloaded room as another person triggers the load for the room is followed here. The problem for the Snow room was that the room was too low in relation to the scarab area to get inside. Like the Crow’s Nest Cortana Room, we were going at a parabolic launch angle and would just go over the room. This was alleviated by getting ourselves at a lower elevation off the cliff behind the citadel. At ground level, we were too low so that is why the hornet is used as a floating platform of sorts to ensure we get the right trajectory. We lucked out that we had hornets because otherwise we would have had to use the pelican, which is more tedious and more difficult to move where you want it. We also got lucky that we had JUST enough space between the clipping position and the room to be able to get inside. If the cliff side was extended past where it actually is by only a few units, there would be too much solid space between the clipping position and the room to get in via this method. Also, the reason we had a player DC clip inside the "secret hallway" and hit the revelations area loadzone there instead of having the player get on top of the citadel and hit the more recognizable and more accessible revelations area loadzone was because the more recognizable loadzone was, you guessed it, a force load. To be more specific, the loadzone used in the video is the exact same loadzone that exists when you go through the hallway normally and you start the Miranda death cutscene. But since we triggered it from the "opposite" end, we were able to ensure that we wouldn’t activate Miranda’s death cutscene. Finally, we used a box to DC clip off of because DC clipping from the hornets rotors was too inconsistent and we needed a flat surface

If you are wondering why the room is called the snow room with so few snowflakes, this is because when we initially found the room, we were on OG and the room had a lot more snow particles inside. However for some reason, on MCC the amount of snow is significantly reduced. We hope you all enjoy this video; a lot of people put a lot of work and hours into the final product shown here. Stay tuned for future videos, we have loads of things on the back burner in regards to tutorials and montages that we are anxious to show to the world!

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