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Found evidence of achievements in Halo for OGXBOX
Date: 1/25/17 2:56 pm

So today while looking through the mission "Keyes" for the SPV3 project I came upon a few scripts that show support for unlocking on ingame what we would now call achievements.

It appears that they had 2 achievements planned for Keyes, one being "Skin_diver" and the other "bloodthirsty".

For bloodthirsty, at first glance it appears it is exactly what we have in H1A/MCC as an achievement, where you need to kill all the specop covenant. Some of the logic behind the script doesn't look like at first glance it would totally work, due the way the AI respawn but this script could have existed before that respawn system for spec op elites was added in.

For skindiver, things are les clear. In the big pool of coolant before you go up the grav lift, a flood form should spawn inside the coolant pool, who has multiple parts of his body blown off. If you go in and kill him, it would unlock the medal.

As far as when you would see your accomplishments rewarded, there is not much there to give us any idea of how it would work. It could have been mid mission, it could have been a post mission thing from what I can tell on how this is all set up.

Here is the original code for anyone who wants to see. Even without knowledge of halo's scripting language, it should be understandable to most of you.

(script dormant i_am_skin_diver
(ai_place med1_flood )
(object_set_permutation (list_get (ai_actors med1_flood )0 )"head" "~damaged" )
(object_set_permutation (list_get (ai_actors med1_flood )0 )"left arm" "~damaged" )
(object_set_permutation (list_get (ai_actors med1_flood )1 )"" "~damaged" )
(object_set_permutation (list_get (ai_actors med1_flood )2 )"" "~damaged" )
(object_set_permutation (list_get (ai_actors med1_flood )2 )"left arm" "~damaged" )
(object_set_permutation (list_get (ai_actors med1_flood )3 )"" "~damaged" )
(object_set_permutation (list_get (ai_actors med1_flood )4 )"right arm" "~damaged" )
(object_set_permutation (list_get (ai_actors med1_flood )4 )"left arm" "~damaged" )
(sleep_until (= 0 (ai_living_count med1_flood )))(set skin_diver true ))

(script dormant more_blood_for_me
(sleep_until (> (ai_living_count enc5_7_cov/specops )0 ))
(sleep_until (= 0 (ai_living_count enc5_7_cov/specops )))
(sleep_until (> (ai_living_count enc7_1_cov )0 ))
(sleep_until (= 0 (ai_living_count enc7_1_cov )))
(sleep_until (> (ai_living_count enc7_3 )0 ))
(sleep_until (= 0 (ai_living_count enc7_3 )))(set bloodthirsty true ))

(script dormant award_ceremony
(if skin_diver (print "skin diver medal awarded!" ))
(if bloodthirsty (print "bloodthirsty medal awarded!" )))
end of third script

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