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Re: Prepare to SSD... *Contest*
Date: 7/6/15 11:31 pm
In Response To: Prepare to SSD... *Contest* (munky-058)

: I leave Xbox for a few games, and look what happens. This place looks quiet.
: Too quiet. It's time for a contest from the SSD crew.

: The recent success of Tex's Classic Customs Night is proof that Custom
: Games in Halo are alive and well, so we're going to keep the ball rolling
: and give folks some incentive to participate.


: Prepare to SSD

: Now's one of those times, pays to be the strong Forger type.


: The successful launch of the fantastic Halo 3: ODST has rekindled my Halo
: love, and so will be the theme of this simple contest: -Forge an ODST
: campaign (or campaign-inspired) space in H2A for use in Customs.

: Ever want to play a CTF match in Tayari Plaza? Wish you could assault the
: building on Lost Platoon? Does Kikowani Station just scream for Big team
: Battle? We agree, and we want you to make it happen.

: The Rules

: -Use the H2A Forge to make your map.

: -Objective gametypes are greatly encouraged.

: -Because this is ODST-themed, you win bonus points if you include the
: Silenced SMG and Assault Rifle (on map, or as part of custom loadouts). If
: you wish to toss the BR aside, we won't take points away either. ;)

: -Maps that recreate campaign spaces don't have to be 100% accurate. Fun comes
: first, so if you think a mancannon and teleporter is appropriate, then
: knock yourself out.

: -While being ODST-inspired, don't be afraid to make use of the full sandbox.
: Hornet? BR? Civilian Warthog? If they make the map better, don't hold
: back. Feel free to use any map that you wish. You won't lose points for
: setting it on Skyward

: -You may submit multiple maps if you'd like (more chances to win!), but only
: one version of a specific map. We can't playtest them for you, so if you
: submit v1.0 of a map, that's the one we're judging. Be sure to playtest
: your map before you submit it! That said, this is a public forum, so don't
: be afraid to ask for help with playtesting/public critique in a separate
: thread (try not to make multiple threads about it though)!

: -Remember. Your map doesn't have to be an obvious campaign space. If you want
: to set your map on a damaged UNSC ship on the Nebula skybox, that counts,
: since "Prepare to Drop" opens that option for you!


: Submissions

: To enter, post your submission on this thread (map and gametype). The MCC has
: a File search function, so be sure to include all necessary info (such as
: supported number of players), as well as what gametypes are supported by
: your map (and which specific one you'd like for us to run). It doesn't
: need to support all gametypes, so if you are designing your map with
: Assault in mind, don't worry about having to tack on Territories. Remember
: to have it playtested thoroughly before you submit!

: Judging

: Once you've submitted your map(s), an SSD associate (Padraig Pr7me,
: ProfessorBonkle, Snipe 316, Bones 153, or myself) will review your map.
: Our favorites will be included into a streamed game night with fellow
: HBOers, where we will pick our winners.

: Prizes

: That's right. If you remember previous SSD contests, you know that we believe
: in rewarding your efforts. While the prizes have not been finalized. There
: are main prizes up for grabs: -1st Place: $20 in XBL credit.

: -2st Place: $10 in XBL credit.

: -3st Place: A wink and a thumbs up. *

: *Remember, prizes are still tentative, so don't lose hope!

: Deadline

: You have three weeks ( Midnight, July 20, 2015 ) to submit your entry, as
: Judging (and streaming) will be done on Wednesday night (July 22, 2015,
: exact time TBD). So get those boots on the ground, and Get Forging!

: If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Good luck, Forgers!

I have a map that is sort of a remake of Security Zone. My version is called ONI.

Right now, it only supprts a custom gametype call Firefight Reborn (Infection). Here are the rules:

Introducing Firefight Reborn! This gametype is an Infection gametype modified to play like Firefight in Halo 3: ODST. Here is how you play:

There are a group of ODSTs that must survive each round as long as they can. They must work together and use weapons, vehicles, and whatever cover they can find to fight off the horde of Covenant. The ODSTs are a little stonger and have better health and shields, but the shields take longer to recharge, they have a lower jump height and they are slower.

The Covenant must do whatever they can to find and kill the ODSTs by using weapons and vehicles that upgrade overtime. They can also spawn in Spirits and Phantoms and use their turrets. The Covenant are weaker, have worse shields, but have a higher jump height, are faster, and greatly outnumber the ODSTs.

The map: ONI

ONI is heavily inspired by Security Zone from Halo 3: ODST. Here, the ODSTs must stop the Covenant from reaching the ONI building, or the Covenant may find information that could lead them to winning the war.

This game is meant to be played with about 4-12 players. ODST squads can be any size ranging from 1-4 players.

The gametype and map are available now on my fileshare.

My gamertag is xXBarthXx.

Anyway, I will post this for now, and if I have time, I may modify the map to play well with something like Slayer, One Bomb Assault, One Flag, or Territories.

Link of video below:

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