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Re: Gave it a go *IMG*
Date: 7/3/14 5:54 am
In Response To: Re: Gave it a go *IMG* (Revenant1988)

: Heh, I saw it as more of a wingless Scarab.

I was going to say "Legless Scarab", but it's six of one and half a dozen of the other.

: Agreed for the most part, but given the definition of what a Lich is, it
: makes sense what they intended it to do in game, compared to a phantom
: at least.

Right. Given how it kept reanimating unless you hunted down and destroyed some odd bauble, the name fits really well.

Wait a minute...

: Had the Lich in Halo 4 actually kept spawning fresh infantry or Ghosts on the
: battlefield, it would have earned its moniker.

It'd need to carry more than the 'canonical' 30-40 troops. A Phantom with an eighth of its displacement holds 20-30 troops.

If you really want it to live up to its name, then it should be able to spawn troops nigh-endlessly. Imagine something even larger than a Lich, with tines like a Phantom. The tines are the focus element for a teleporter, which allows the Covenant to drop an endless supply of troops and vehicles onto a position.

Since teleportation technology is apparently rare stuff even for the Covenant, the Lich would be a tough nut to crack. It's got shields mounted to it usually reserved for a Corvette-sized warship. It mounts heavy needlers, a gravity lance for 'excavation work', and several batteries of plasma cannon for point defense. The troop complement is twenty lances and a pair of Wraiths or Locusts, as well as the supporting equipment. In addition, the teleportation bay has enough room to carry a mixed squadron of Banshees and Vampires when it's not in use.

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