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Re: Post any ideas you have!
Date: 6/21/14 1:28 pm
In Response To: Post any ideas you have! (Postmortem)

: I'll start taking ideas for themes/scenarios now. Gotta start compiling a
: list in advance of starting this up. :)

*Cracks knuckles*

- A taste on moa, and especially moa sushi. That sounds insanely delicious. I've always imagined them as tasting between chicken and eel, and that actually go deliciously with unagi sauce.

- The events of a renowned team during the galactic cup of humanity, during the events around the Fall of Reach. I don't suggest this because I am a mexican in the middle of the World Cup. No, sir. >_>

- The durance of one of the Didact's children during the battle of Harum Chakkor, and his/her final moments.

- Conceptual art and society for the Ancient Human Empire: Ships, mechs to rival the War Sphinxes, foot soldiers, etc. The Forerunner/Human era continues to fascinate me.

- An example of what Combat Skin Class 12 was in combat and in full power (especially since a single Promethean could control a million ships in orbit!). If it's supposed to massively dwarf the MJOLNIR, my personal guess is that it turns less "Robert Heinlein Mobile Infantry for puny humans", and becomes "Kill La Kill uniforms". I'm a little surprised we haven't seen so far a straight example of it.

- Human propaganda art for the Human-Covenant War.

- A life of a technician in the UNSC Infinity. With or without disaster approaching.

- Alien fauna, perhaps a story of a photographer documenting alien animals from many worlds, probably before the Human-Covenant War. Like a Steve Irwin in space.

- Rainforest wars. Either art or fiction. I come to imagine this sort of thing would be akin to Band of Brothers or The Pacific, as it was described as a time of a lot of suffering.

- Mendez in the aftermath of Halsey's imprisonment, if Escalation doesn't dwell on it.

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Halo Writing GroupPostmortem6/18/14 7:27 pm
     I'm interested. *NM*robofin1176/18/14 8:29 pm
     Re: Halo Writing GroupZackDark6/18/14 8:37 pm
     Yeah, for sure! *NM*thebruce06/18/14 8:38 pm
     Re: Halo Writing Groupzofinda6/18/14 8:52 pm
     Re: Halo Writing GroupQuirel6/18/14 10:13 pm
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                                   Re: Halo Writing Groupzofinda6/21/14 3:33 pm
                                         Re: Halo Writing GroupQuirel6/21/14 9:45 pm
     Sounds like fun! *NM*Grizzlei6/18/14 10:21 pm
     I'd be down... *NM*munky-0586/19/14 3:08 am
     Re: Halo Writing GroupStephen L. (SoundEffect)6/19/14 9:55 am
           Re: Halo Writing Groupzofinda6/19/14 4:56 pm
                 Re: Halo Writing GroupStephen L. (SoundEffect)6/20/14 7:57 am
     Re: Halo Writing Grouppadraig086/19/14 10:49 am
     Re: Halo Writing GroupMetalingus6276/19/14 11:21 am
           Visions... *NM*Metalingus6276/19/14 11:23 am
     Re: Halo Writing GroupPerseusSpartacus6/19/14 1:49 pm
     Interest: piqued *NM*The Lionheart6/20/14 10:44 pm
     Post any ideas you have!Postmortem6/21/14 11:38 am
           Re: Post any ideas you have!ZackDark6/21/14 12:06 pm
                 Re: Post any ideas you have!Quirel6/21/14 12:44 pm
                       "Short"? Why so little ambition? ;p *NM*ZackDark6/21/14 1:51 pm
                             It's a bi-weekly contest, that's why.Quirel6/21/14 9:24 pm
           Re: Post any ideas you have!The Lionheart6/21/14 1:09 pm
                 Re: Post any ideas you have!Jaydee6/21/14 1:56 pm
           Re: Post any ideas you have!Jaydee6/21/14 1:28 pm
                 Re: Post any ideas you have!Quirel6/21/14 9:41 pm
                 Halo: The Galactic Cup of Humanity *NM*thebruce06/22/14 8:51 pm
           Re: Post any ideas you have!Grizzlei6/21/14 3:40 pm
           Re: Post any ideas you have!zofinda6/21/14 3:56 pm
           Re: Post any ideas you have!robofin1176/21/14 4:28 pm
                 Re: Post any ideas you have!zofinda6/21/14 5:03 pm
                       Might as well.robofin1176/21/14 6:06 pm
           Re: Post any ideas you have!Quirel6/22/14 11:36 am
           Re: Post any ideas you have!Dervish6/23/14 6:02 pm

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