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Re: Welcome...
Date: 5/16/14 4:45 pm
In Response To: Welcome... (Grizzlei)

: ...I guess? We're glad to have you here! :)

: Architecture isn't my major, so please pardon my ignorance, but I get some
: Islamic and Russian vibes from the domes on the structure with the flags
: and the one in the background. The styling of the pillars on the building
: mostly hidden behind the middle structure seems out of place with the more
: advanced "mechanical" structures, perhaps indicating its age or
: reverence within its culture.

: I wouldn't go as far as to say that these are examples of Precursor
: architecture, as we know that a great deal, if not all of it was built
: with neural physics, which is susceptible to the effects of the Halo
: Array. However, if it is neither of the former Covenant, Forerunner, or
: Precursor, I would associate this architectural styling the prehistoric
: Human civilization. This is not without precedent. Heian, a planet
: encountered on a covert mission during the Great War, featured derelict
: cities and structures best described with the styling and abilities of
: eastern cultures that would more than likely not be present on modern
: humanity's own colonies.

Thanks for the welcome! =)

...and no pardon needed! I really appreciate the depth of your response, which is the type of conversation I've always enjoyed reading on HBO.

I think you're spot-on with the Islamic/Russian feel...and now that you said it, may have unconsciously lead me to 'Precursor'. Depending on your religious views, the middle east is often considered 'The Cradle of Civilization'. As we think about Precursors as the creators of Humans & Forerunners, Islamic architecture could be an inspiration for their architectural style for the artists.

For some reason, even the creatures in the sky give me a feeling that this was a place where beings experimented with life in all its various forms. That one is stretching quite a bit, as they could just be indigenous life....but just gives me that vibe. Perhaps the colors, and the 'tentacle' creatures also lead me to a place that depicted the origins of The Flood.

The contrast you mentioned between the free-standing dome structures and the more advanced/integrated structures is incredibly interesting. You can almost feel some of the history in the image...though who's an awesome question. The Halo Array certainly would have destroyed all Precursor architecture in our galaxy...and with Omega firing on Path Kethona...there too. It would have to be some undisclosed location outside our galaxy, which lends additional credence to your theory. (How far outside our galaxy is 343 willing to explore in the games?)

In the absence of star roads or planetary arcs careening across the sky, it's hard to say with certainty. Even then, you might be totally right that they're Pre-Historic Human, since they often built near, or on top of, Precursor architecture, and could have star roads rising in their sky too. No argument one way or the other...just enjoying the speculation! =)

You mentioned Heian...I think I missed (or have forgotten) the story details around that planet. Is that from the Evolutions book? Would love to go back and read up if you recall where that story is told.

Thanks for the reply! The story/fiction/speculation posts have always been a favorite...and it's fun actually participating for once.

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