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Customs Night (piece of sale edition [Halo 4])
By:General Vagueness
Date: 3/20/14 12:13 am

Customs Night will soon be here again. It will drop out of the sky, like rain, or an ODST, or a Titan from Titanfall, or cool, soothing moonlight. Hopefully it won't land on you.
Customs Night, for those unaware, is a weekly get-together in Halo held by Community Customs where a bunch of us play custom and standard gametypes on custom maps (and sometimes a standard map or two). The maps range from small to large and from wide open outdoor spaces to tight, confined areas (good for CQC ;), and the maps and gametypes range from new to old, from simple to complicated, and from competitive to silly. We try to play a mix of more serious and, well, less serious maps and gametypes from a variety of people, and not too many of the same kind of thing in a row. We do all this every Friday at 9:00 PM Eastern time (US east coast time). If it sounds like fun, why not join us? If you post your gamertag in a reply to this post, you'll be invited to the party when we're getting started.

Things to keep in mind:

- we mostly play whatever the people present want to play, but...
- we won't run modded content though (out of concern about bans), and...
- one of the CC admins (a group including but not limited to ShadowoftheVoid, iHyokin, and Gnrl Vagueness) will have party lead at all times (to try to keep this a controlled, consistent, and fair experience), so...
- if you want to play something that we don't already have, you can either put it in your file share and have us download it or tell us where to get it-- we're more than happy to go download things, and even search for them (whichever one you do, though, I suggest you do it in advance)
- we like talking and hearing people talk, especially to give feedback or suggest a map or gametype, so we ask that everyone to connect their headsets if they have them and not be in party chat, but also, just as importantly, we really would like for you, the players, to not talk over anyone (unless I'm the one talking and you want to run something and I won't shut up about something irrelevant)
- you should bring a map, a snack, a friend (that can play Halo), and a fourth thing for me to put in this list
- that time again is 9:00 PM EST and the game is Halo 4-- I hope we see you then!

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