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Re: Let's get some large numbers this week
By:General Vagueness
Date: 3/18/14 6:50 pm
In Response To: Re: Let's get some large numbers this week (SEspider)

I'm super late in responding to this-- what can I say, I've been busy-- but I think it should have a response.

: [read with sarcasm or the voice of that weird extra from Family Guy]
: Oh No. A member in the lobby is going to start complaining because there are
: mid to large maps and not a full lobby. Oh Nooooooo.

: Hey I love large maps. With sprint as a default, large maps aren't really
: considered large unless there's a huge open area and vehicles to keep you back.

That's what you consider a large map to be, and some of your maps could be considered to have huge open areas.

: I look forward to you map, Chris. But expect complaints from one
: member in particular (which I will not name and neither should others).
: Doesn't matter if the map is as large as the "small" maps this
: person brings. If it's not loaded with ramps, tunnels, and pointless
: vertical walkways that you easily reach without a certain armor ability,
: then the member will not stop complaining about it. And will proberly stop
: playing (or give up) and throw off the balance of the teams. Large lobby
: or not.

OK so what are you accomplishing by saying all this and not saying who it's about? People who play at Customs Night semi-regularly know who you're talking about. People who don't play with us much or at all know that you really don't like this person, or at least you really don't like their views on map design. I don't think the person you're talking about isn't going to benefit from this, I don't think you'll benefit from this, and I don't think Customs Night will benefit from this tossing of vitriol between players. What's the point?

: But I wouldn't expect a large lobby. Most of everyone I know will be playing
: Titanfall and couldn't care less about Halo. And I'm sure others will have
: the same situation. Especially after it comes out on the 360. I'm always
: posting info on other sites about customs night. Those that do join don't
: return because others go AFK,


: hog map/gt choices,

what do you mean?

: or simply "wouldn't shut up about pointless s***
: so the party leader can hear them" & vise versa.

Well that's discouraging, I mean, talking about pointless stuff is fine, some would say it's half the fun, but I ask every week that people not to talk to a degree that stops communication for other people, especially the party lead, and if I think anyone's trying to be heard I'll ask them what they said and try to quiet other people down if I can't hear them... I don't know what else we can do besides booting people for talking too much.

: Plus they get tired of having to remove files from their fileshare
: just to out something up that anyone of us could do a simple search for.

I guess I haven't kept on as much as I should've with saying that people can tell us ahead of time and we'll get stuff.

: A lot of the people I invite tend to have large followings on
: YouTube, Twitch, & elsewhere.They can't really remove files from their
: FS without running the risk of getting a complaint by hundreds that the
: file was missing when they looked for it. Plus (like myself) keeping up
: with their map's download count is important to them.


: I wish the lobby was full or overflowing each week like it use to be. But
: things have fallen apart and those members are all part of their own, or
: other, custom nights. And I don't blame them.

: But like I said, I look forward to your map and hope the lobby is full.

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