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Re: TSD Internet Relay Chat
By:General Vagueness
Date: 2/27/14 6:29 pm
In Response To: TSD Internet Relay Chat (Schooly D)

: Awesome artwork courtesy of TDSpiral

: It's happening.

: Why didn't you stop it?

I wasn't aware I could.

: Team Schooly D IRC

: It's been a long time coming, but TSD finally has its own IRC server.
: Although our legendary and iconic "mailing list" will always
: hold a place in our hearts, IRC allows for much quicker and more intimate
: conversations, and gives our esteemed members opportunity to interact with
: the common folk.

: For the initiated, here's the info:
: Server:
: Port: 6667
: Main channel: #tsd

: For those who are totally unfamiliar with the concept : IRC is chat rooms,
: and TSD now has its own IRC. You should join so you can chat in real time
: with others across the globe. This video pretty much captures most of
: what we're dealing with here, and how hype you should be about it.

You did it, you really finally did it. Yeah, I used that last week, so what.

: What is there to do, you ask? We-he-hell, how about...

: Talk to kanbo about anime!
: Talk to Schooly_D about anime!
: Talk to tarehart about anime!
: Listen to Tex talk about her dog to a captive audience!
: Talk to Nart about "whatever, I'm going to bed"!

doesn't sound like a ton of fun, honestly

: The TSD Programming Crewe is at it again, this time turning their
: formidable talents to the world of IRC robots. Behold their latest
: creation: TSDBot your friendly robot helper with only one goal in mind:
: enhance your Internet Relay Chat experience.

: HBO/DBO Forum Notifier

that's really cool... no notifier for your own forum?

: Straw polls!
: Give thanks! Our benevolent bytecode gives users the ability to pose quick
: votes to the chat. After a specified period of time, votes are tallied and
: displayed to the chat.


: Twitter integration!
: The TSDPC has developed a first-in-its-class system that integrates our IRC
: server with our Twitter account . Not only do tweets from people we're
: following stream directly into the chat, but you -- yes, you! -- can
: perform the following functions from the chat room: - follow a user (ops
: only)
: - unfollow a user (ops only)
: - send out a tweet (ops only)
: - reply to a tweet (ops only)
: - propose a tweet (or a reply) to send -- it will open up for a vote to the
: rest of the chat, and if there are enough ayes it gets sent out


: TSDBot: [Twitter] (@KPaul) I love you, Schooly (id=1234)
: Schooly_D: .tw reply 1234 I love you too, dawg
: TSDBot: The tweet has been sent!
: Who else but TSD would re-invent social media by integrating it with
: anti-social media?

OK that's worth something

: Tom Cruise database
: You type a command and the bot spits out a random Tom Cruise quote or clip.
: Yawn.

oh right you used an isolated plaintive yawn too, oh well

: And that's just a taste of what's to come!

: I'm in, Schooly. What do I do?

: If you already know what you're doing, point your IRC client of choice to the
: info earlier in the post.

: If you would like a standalone desktop IRC client, the two most popular
: Windows programs are mIRC and X-Chat . Unfortunately I don't know
: enough to recommend a good OSX or Linux client. I'm sure others would be
: willing to help there, though.

I've mostly only heard about people using one IRC client of OSX, another version of XChat called XChat Aqua, which apparently now is called XChat Azure. There's a version of XChat for Linux too, but if you're hardcore enough to use Linux and IRC on a regular basis you might want to try irssi. If you want to chat on a phone there's a program called Rooms you can use. There's also Colloquy for i-devices and, as I found out from the thread on DBO, also for the Mac. Personally I chat on a regular Wintel box using an offshoot of XChat called HexChat.

: If you're not very good with computers, or you just want to stick your toe in
: the water, try this browser-based IRC client:

: channel: #tsd
: Server and network ->
: server:
: port: 6667 (no SSL)

: REMEMBER 80% of your time in IRC should be spent idling. Especially in its
: infancy, the chat will be dead most of the time while people are at school
: or work. Standard procedure is to leave your client running while you go
: about your day, and if you happen upon a conversation, great! And don't be
: afraid to ping the chat if you want -- guaranteed there are people lurking
: who are also looking for a reason to type.


: What I'm saying is: don't join the server, stare intensely at your screen
: waiting for people to type, then leave out of boredom never to return. We
: talk, sometimes about things, honest!

but yeah, IRC is (very) often more reactive than proactive

: I'm looking forward to seeing you all in the new OFFICIAL unofficial IRC
: server of

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