• Threading the Needle - 1600 XP

    Kill 12 Players with a headshot in a single match.

  • Rolling Thunder - 1500 XP

    Earn 15 Killing Spree medals.

  • Prediction: Pain - 5200 XP

    Complete any Campaign Mission on Heroic or higher difficulty with the Famine, Luck and Thunderstorm skulls.

  • Infinity and Beyond - 4400 XP

    Complete Infinity on Legendary difficulty with the Mythic, Tilt, Tough Luck and Thunderstorm skulls.

  • I am the 99 Percent - 6000 XP

    Kill 60 Elites.

  • Destroyer of Grunts - 5500 XP

    Kill 150 Grunts.

  • Got Backup - 5400 XP

    Get 60 kills with a Secondary Weapon.

  • Raise the Flag - 5500 XP

    Win 10 matchmaking Capture the Flag matches.

  • Spartan Takedown - 25000 XP

    Kill 2000 Players.
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My Halo / Bungie swag ebay listings
Date: 12/5/13 2:26 pm

Hey HBO, I've listed some Halo / Bungie goodies on ebay that you may be interested in:

* Used Halo Reach Legendary Edition
* Used Halo 4 Limited Edition
* Rare Halo and Bungie swag
* Double sided large Halo 2 and GTA SA pre-order ad poster

Swag includes:
* Halo 2 Multiplayer Beta documents photocopies, along with Ninja sticker
* Two Halo 2 "November 9th" stickers
* Halo 3 Leed's pen, with original box
* Halo 3 "Fall 2007" gel/3D-ish sticker
* Halo 3 Master Chief sticker
* sticker
* Destiny sticker
* Unused Bungie/Halo3 notebook
* Unopened Halo 3 metallic keychain
* Unopened Bungie/Halo3 hacky sack
* Unopened Bungie wristband
* Bungie "Don't make us kick your ass" keychain
* HaloFest ID badge from PAX 2011
* Bungie Foundation thank you card

Poster listing includes:
* A roughly 4ft by 8ft (height x length) double-sided pre-order ad poster for Halo 2 and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (from EB Games). The poster's fabric is kind of tarp like (so heavy duty)
* A collapsible Halo bag that was given out during HaloFest at PAX in 2011.
* An XXL EB Games tshirt that has the Xbox Live logo on the front left, and the Halo 2 logo centered on the back below the neck

Proceeds go to the purchase of some new or renewal of some development software I am in need more (more than these games or swag :p)

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